DIY: Antarctica’s Hibiscus Toner

Maybe about six months ago from the time I sat down to write this post (it is mid-November), Lise from LisaLise posted oodles of pictures all over her Instagram and Facebook pages about hibiscus in her formulations and creating glycerites and macerations. And I winced in envy. See, I had to leave so many things in China because moving countries is just crazily expensive. I could only take a fraction of my personal possessions and my hibiscus tea I bought on my last trip to Mexico, was not one of them. When Belinda said she was buying me an early Christmas present from Lotion Crafter, I just knew that hibiscus extract was going to be in that package. Thankfully, Marie, from HumbleBee & Me was making her way to Dublin for a visit so I got to save on postage!

The things we do for new ingredients I tell you.

swirl to dissolve, you can shake, it was just so much more satisfying to swirl this formula!

This recipe was inspired by someone asking me to create a new “rock your age” (read: anti-aging) toner that was refreshing, but made with more of an oilier mature skin in mind. To which, the light bulbs in my head went off going I can make that! And I can use that too! So off I went to the Workroom to putter and came up with this beauty.

A toner is meant to be mostly liquid, something to balance out the skin after cleansing, or something of a pick me up and refreshment. It shouldn’t be drying. It should make the skin feel hydrated and happy. Since this formula was designed with mature and oily skin in mind, you might find the formula as is a wee bit drying if you have dry or sensitive skin.

tip: to prevent undue spillage in expensive ingredients, only poke one hole in the safety seal, it might take a little longer to get your desired amount, but will save you on your ingredient cost! 

The hibiscus is a flowering plant with a very flamboyant, and extremely tropical looking flower which grows in warm climates. I was first introduced to hibiscus tea whilst in Mexico a few years back and I was instantly hooked. Tart, red, yummy liquid which is crazily high in Vitamin C and tastes amazing mixed with vodka. Used topically though, hibiscus is said to help with cell turn over and with the reduction in age spots. It helps to maintain the skins elasticity, which is great for anti-aging properties. And you don’t need much at all to make an impact!

Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 10.48.32.png
the hibiscus flower, Celestùn, Mexico

The next up super nifty ingredient in our anti-aging (rock your age!) arsenal is something called, Antarcticine. Antarcticine is an ingredient I’ve been using in my day to day skin care routine for a little under a year usually in a toner or a hydrating gel mask, and I have noticed my skin feels more plump and moisturised, less fine lines around my eyes. It is an ingredient that helps to improve collagen and elastin, and protect the skin against transdermal water loss in cold weather temperatures. I’m still exploring the broad range of Antarticine in products, and I am liking the eye gel I have made with it, but like all things, I need more testing and wish I had more eyes to test out on.

The rest of the ingredients you’ve seen often enough in formulas here; witch hazel, aloe juice, hydrolysed oat protein, panthenol, water, and a preservative. I decided to forgo any essential oils or fragrances, as I found the hibiscus to have a lovely scent that I adore so just left it as is. If you really want to make something neat, swap out your water in this recipe for your favourite hydrosol! Might I suggest Neroli or Rose hydrosols as those are two of the best for anti-aging.

your hibiscus extract will settle to the bottom of the container, so it will be important to shake your toner before you use it every single time. 

There is no heating required in this recipe, so be sure to pull out your funnel, and just measure straight into your toner container. I really just swirled everything together to mix! Nothing fancy! To use this toner, just apply some liquid to a cotton pad and wipe over your face after cleansing. Be sure to follow up with your favourite serums or lotions and creams afterwards!

screenshot 2019-01-08 at 10.22.04

  1. Prepare your work space by wiping everything down with a 75% ISP spray and clean cloth. Ensure you get your tools and equipment too.
  2. Into your new and clean toner bottle, weigh in your panthenol, hydrolysed oat protein, Antacticine, aloe juice, and witch hazel into your container. Stir till the panthenol dissolves.
  3. Add in your hibiscus extract, stir.
  4. Fill with your water, add your preservative, cap and shake.
isn’t it a pretty colour? 



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