Titanium Dioxide

Common Name: Titanium Dioxide  INCI: CI77891 Major Properties: It gives soap that glorious white bar that everyone loves to look at. And that helps colours stand out. Seriously important info: When you go to buy your TD, always look at if it is oil or water soluble. That will determine what you can use it in. Water is perfect... Continue Reading →


Common Name: Micas, Bio-Glitter  INCI: anything beginning with CI really Example from 6AM Helper; CI77891, Mica, CI77492, Rayon, Urea, Styrene/Acylates Copolymer. This has titanium dioxide, a yellow mica, and a bio-glitter.  Major Properties: Colourants are a result of micas, titanium dioxide and natural colourants (see powders and clays). These provide us with soaps that are visually stunning to the... Continue Reading →


Common Name: Sugar  INCI: Sucrose Major Properties: Sugar in soaps can help to soften the skin, and, helps to promote better and bigger bubbles. Seriously important info:  too much of a good thing can cause problems! You soap can scorch from too much sugar as it cures. Then your soap gets a funny scent, turns funny colours... Continue Reading →

Nettle Powder

Common Name: Nettle Powder  INCI: Urtica Dioica Major Properties: Nettle powder is highly astringent and this survives through the saponification process. It’s amazing for combination to oily skin, even those with sensitive skin. Seriously important info: ummm... ok. If you insist; Nettle powder is highly astringent and this survives through the saponification process. It’s amazing for combination to oily... Continue Reading →

Mango Powder

Common Name: Mango Powder  INCI: Mangifera Indica Major Properties: Mango powder is high in Vitamin A and C which are both loved in products that rock your age. Especially for tired, aged, and dry skin. Seriously Important Info: ummm... it's really really good for your skin isn't good enough? Why I picked it: Because I love it! It... Continue Reading →


Common Name: Salt (table, Himalayan, Sea, Dead) INCI: Sodium Chloride Major Properties: Salt is fantastic for the skin! It helps to soften the skin and keep your skin happy and healthy. In soaps, it helps to harden the soap up to get it out of the mould easier, and to keep the bar nice and hard. Seriously... Continue Reading →

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