Technical Issues… 

We have been experiencing some techincal issues here for the past few days over all the devices we commonly use.  Please bear with us while we sort them out. If you have been in contact and have not heard back from us, we appreciate your patience! We shall be back to posting regularly as soon... Continue Reading →

Making gels with Sepimax ZEN

One of the worst things you quickly learn when making and selling your own skincare/ cosmetics is that your standards are usually higher than your customers. Our current eye and face serum recipes are wicked. They are an emulsified product which means they are oil and water based serums that are loaded with goodies and... Continue Reading →

DIY- Summer Shimmer Lip Gloss

Good morning! And welcome to the Scrub Me Down Kitchen. Today we are going to something completely different! We are going to walk you through making your own lip gloss from scratch. This lip gloss will be in a stick that you can toss into your purse for a beautiful summer shimmer and light tint whenever... Continue Reading →

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