DIY: Purely Bare Moisturizing Soap

Ready to blow your mind? Coconut and lard soap. Oh yeah. You heard right. Coconut+Lard= OH LA LA! This highly moisturising, oodles of bubbles, never stripping soap is perfect for your dry winter skin needs! Make it now for a long cure! You're welcome!


Question: How to formulate a DIY recipe?

Anyone can follow a recipe. Few know how to create their own and unique recipe! Take a gander on what questions you need to ask yourself before you begin to formulate your own DIY recipe!

DIY: Cucumber n’ Oats Plumping Toner Mask

Fancy getting your game face on and scaring all the delivery guys? Let’s make a toner which doubles as a mask!

DIY: Tea Wise Moringa Body Mask

Grrrr! Rrr! I'm GREEN! Let's make a body mask today filled with lots of skinfastic ingredients like green tea, bamboo and moringa! Green up today!

DIY: Summer Pink Kisses Lip Gloss

Let's make a delightfully subtle pink coloured lip gloss today! Highly moisturising, lots of staying power, and in a cheeky pink. What's not to love about this recipe? Get your cheek on!

Final Impressions: Formula Botanica Diploma in Organic Skincare

My final impressions of the Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulations from Formula Botanica. Is this the program for you?

DIY: Clean and Crisp Marula Hand Soap

Using luxury oils is fun and great, but using fragrance oils can really be the challenge. Even experienced soap makers have a SNAFU batch!

Newsletter: July 2018

Holy smoking turkeys! It's certainly been an eventful month here at Cheeky Bath Treats! Want to know what has been going on?

DIY: Intimate Face Aftershave

Intimate Face Aftershave; good for the face, the bikini area, pits, legs, thighs... anywhere you shave, pluck, tweeze you can apply! Great for sensitive skin and for men and women alike! What are you waiting for? Let create!

DIY: Foamy Funky Feety Fruity Bathy Bombs

Fancy some foam in your bath or foot soak? Check it out! My super secret recipe is now yours! Super kid friendly, want to hear them shout out in glee, "Oh cool!!!!" Whip up a batch today or better yet... have them whip up a batch for you!

DIY: Coffee Cream Soap

That's right. You read it right! Coffee+milk=soap! Best math ever! Learn the tricks of making a rich lathering bar of soap, without scorching the milk!

DIY: Stinks like A+! Neem Wand

Are you excited about the final posting of the Stinks Like Ass month? Get your neem on with the Neem Wand! Magic not included.

DIY: Stinks like A*! KMF Hydration Booster

Ready for more neem stinky goodness? Let's make a high performance product! May I present to you, "Stinks like Ass Kiss My Face Hydration Booster"!

DIY: Stinks Like A+! Refreshing Toner

The Stinks Like Ass Month continues with a glorious Refreshing Toner! Great for all skin types, a gentle fragrant refreshment for your face throughout the day.

DIY: Stinks Like A+! Cleansing Mask Balm

Neem. It's a very stinky oil. So lather up your face with the stench and grin and bear it! Your skin will thank you!

DIY: Stinks Like A+! Soap

My #1 favourite soap recipe, the soap that is always in my shower, my most popular soap to gift... it smells like ass! But it is the best!

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