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I will even answer the door in this get up

Today, I’m going to tell you all about me! Huzzah! My favourite topic. My name is Barb Misiuda and I’m Canadian. I moved many many many years ago to China to become a teacher and along the way I picked up a very fun and life changing addiction. I become a DIY’er. Then I moved to Ireland. And then became a Polish citizen. Yup. Canadian by birth, now living in Ireland, from China, currently a Polish AND Canadian citizen. Yeah, it does my head in too! I’m citizenshiply challenged. 

How did I begin making my own products? Living in China is kind of like re-learning how to go through your day to day life. You run out of something, you run to the store and chances are they no longer stock what you bought there last month. The whole store has been rearranged and so you have to go up and down every aisle playing hide and seek with the brand of shampoo or the soap or the toothbrush you like. Chances are it’s just hiding over on aisle six with the packaged chicken feet; but there is an even greater chance that your awesome imported shampoo and conditioner are no longer stocked.

Then a few months later, you find it in the oddest of shops. And oh wow-wee! They have three in stock! So you buy the whole supply and hope they have more next week. So you go back the next day and see, and sure enough, no longer stocked. You hoard and guard that shampoo and conditioner like a Troll guarding his bridge. And book a ticket to a western country so you can restock.

This went on for years. For every single bath and beauty product I needed. Makeup I couldn’t buy in China as the colours were for women with Asian skin, so for yellowish toned skin. I have reddish/brick coloured skin. So that’s not going to happen as their lipsticks made me look clown like as I don’t need plumping. But you might be thinking, “hey, Barb, it has to be easy to buy soaps and body scrubs! They surely have lots of those as even Chinese people bathe!” and you’d be right. They made this awesome foot scrub with these sand-like grains in it and mint and they called it, “Horny Foot Scrub”. But like almost all products made in China way back when, they were made with whitening products.

Barb SUITED UP!.jpg
suited up and ready to play with new ingredients!

In the winter time when it snows, I already disappear. Put my winter skin in front of a white wall and people begin wondering, “Where’s Barb?”. Much less fun than finding Waldo. I’m white enough thank you very much. That left me with no alternative. Hundreds of years ago they had soaps, lotions and more for their skin care needs.

And, they had no electricity. So it really couldn’t be that hard! And that is in a nut shell, how I got into this hobby. 

that’s me no hulk-action going on, no safety gear

So that’s me in a nutshell! You’re all caught up! If you’ve any questions, let me know! But I’d love to hear from you. How did you get started? What made you start on your DIY journey? Share some pictures of your creations with me on Instagram! 

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