Teaching Rants- Sonia

Being the boss vs being the teacher.  When I first came to China I really didn't want to be a teacher let alone owning my own school. But that is exactly what happened. Having your own school has its advantages and disadvantages like; not enough free time to do the simple things. Simple things like... Continue Reading →

A little beach never hurt anyone…

Hi! It's  Sonia. Today I took some time out of the Scrub Me Down Kitchen and went to the beach. I found a lovely little spot in the northeast between Yinkou and Dalian called, Ba Yi Quan.  Really nice beach and lovely views. The worst part was all the disgusting seafood, I hate seafood. Now... Continue Reading →

Sucky day for me

Hi, it's Sonia! It is a sucky morning as I really want to be in the Scrub Me Down Kitchen, but I'm off to my other job. But on the upside, I am taking a trip to the beach tomorrow!!! Although it's not warm enough to go into the water, I will still go in because... Continue Reading →

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