DIY: Bee Happy Refreshing Toner

It's a toner. It goes on your face. And it stinks. Don't say I didn't warn you! And, you're going to love it! Come on, let's get your cheek on!

DIY: Intimate Face Aftershave

Intimate Face Aftershave; good for the face, the bikini area, pits, legs, thighs... anywhere you shave, pluck, tweeze you can apply! Great for sensitive skin and for men and women alike! What are you waiting for? Let create!

Bee Happy Toner smells like….

Let me first start off by saying, Happy Skin Toner smells pretty rank. And rather than try to cover the smell or hide that fact, let just set the record. It stinks. Like vinegar. Because that's one of the ingredients! When I first went about looking at more natural ways to get rid of my... Continue Reading →

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