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If you plan on moving to China, and not to a first tier city, there are some survival essentials you will need to know about. I’m not going to tell you the usual like WeChat and Taobao as pretty much everyone covers those for you and I cannot add anything more to what they always say other than just saying they are both fantastic!

This list is no where near complete, but it is a good start. After you’ve been in China for a little while and things become normal and the staring really really begins to drive you crazy as does the, “Are you from Russia?” and the people who just stand there gobsmacked then take their phones out and begin video taping you and laugh when you tell them to stop. Oh yeah. There is worse and it happens constantly. When it gets to you, it’s nice to have some of the comforts that make our homes more homey, more relaxing and just more, your own personal oasis. Here are some of our favourite little shops from Taobao and WeChat. Some are foreign owned and some are Chinese. The sellers are lovely and patient, and we can speak to their amazingness.

I personally do not receive any kick backs from these sites, they are shops that I have bought from on many occasions whilst I was still living in China. I’m posting them because I feel that they can help you to enjoy your time in China. 


DIY+cosmetic ingredients

I originally found these guys on Taobao, but have long since began playing on their Weidian shop. These guys became almost my only suppliers of DIY ingredients because their selection was so vast. I never once had a problem with a product I bought from them, and we are talking about having a soaping business where I was buying supplies each month for years. I have never had a bad batch of a product; but I have had a bad translation of a product! So be sure to ask for clarification if you are questioning an ingredient.

Water Filter 

WAter Filter.jpg

I found that once I actually got around to adding a soft water filter system to my shower, my skin changed so much! It’s gross to see how dirty China’s water really is and how hard it is. Adding a water filter should be one of the first things you add to your shower routine for happy skin. This is the seller I buy all my water filters from, the seller speaks English and helps you install your filters not only with words, but with pictures too!



Teachers House

Brandy is a rock star when it comes to ideas and games for the classroom. And she is the ultimate rock star teacher. She has her own website up and running for games, teaching inspiration, books, classroom projects and anything to do with teaching. She has helped so many people develop their teaching skills in the ESL classroom (myself included). One of my favourite things Brandy does is takes awesome boxed games and shows us how to use them in the classroom as a teaching aid. If you are planning on teaching in China, I would strongly suggest checking out her shop! Brandy also runs various groups/supportish groups for expats in China; online teaching, education business, teaching development, visa…. chances are, if you are a foreigner in China and teaching, you know her. And if you don’t? You really need to check out her shop!



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