DIY: Face Polish with jojoba beads

A few weeks ago, a fellow maker was over at the Workshop learning a few things and she left me a nice glorious new stash of stuff to play with. And one of the new things she left me to play with was some jojoba beads.

Dear lord, have I been missing out.

these are the beads I used, there are many different coloured jojoba beads! Go crazy! 

I began by toying with the beads to see how my skin might like them on various parts. My body thought that they were weak on the exfoliation side and much prefers salt or coffee. So began toying with them on my face. Golly. I forgot what scrubbies on my face felt like! And I remembered I liked it!

I began thinking of just using them in my favourite Orange Dreamsicles Cleansing Balm, but then I wouldn’t really be able to feature them in a blog post. So created something entirely new just with you and my skin in mind.

all my ingredients and supplies are out and ready to be used! 

Jojoba beads, at least the ones I have my hands on, they look so unassuming in the package. If you rub them between your fingers, they kind of stick together. On first impression in the package, they don’t really look like much at all. They seem… boring. Like there is nothing special about them. Or that I got a dud. But meh, carry onwards and upwards! When I first applied this balm to my face and began massaging it in, I actually moaned in bliss at the feel. I forgot just how much I love that scrubby exfoliation action on my face. It felt so good!

But then my face must have eaten the beads. Because that scrubby action went poof after about thirty seconds.

Little did I know, that they actually dissolve.

remember to add in when your temps are under 40C! 

So back to the drawing board I went to totally up the amount of scrubby action.

You might be asking, “Hey Barb, you’re getting up there in age, exfoliation isn’t that good for aged skin. Why are you going on about it?” To which I would of course reply, “Dude, go with it. Cell turn over! It’s grand!” Basically, as we age, cell turn over takes more time. The older we get, the slower this process happens. And this is why a lot of mature women have dull, lifeless looking skin. If you want to look like someone shoved a flash light up your bum and flipped it on, and make your skin glow from the inside out like a glow worm (one of my sisters actually told me this is how glow worms worked beleive it or not), you need to get rid of that old skin. You can do this in one of two ways, chemical or physical exfoliation.

I take a wee bit from one and a little of the other in my day to day routine. I don’t rely on just using one. It means my anti-aging (rock your age!) ingredients don’t need to work so hard to be effective. And I don’t need to be using AHA’s every day.

IMG_1691.jpegNext up on the crazy ingredients I used in this formula is Lemon Seed Oil. Yes, I did say, Lemon Seed Oil, not lemon essential oil. And surprisingly enough, it seems very difficult to find any credible information about this oil.

Lemon Seed Oil claims to be beneficial to the circulatory system, as well as aiding with blood flow and reducing blood pressure. The Lemon Seed Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals allowing it to provide great moisture retention abilities. This makes it ideal for treating irritated skin and dry damaged hair. Lemon Seed Oil is a superb carrier oil for most cosmetic formulations. ~The Soap Kitchen

This is all I could really find about the oil. I could quote you tons of info on lemon essential oil, but meh.

There is no preservative in this tub of cool stuff, so be careful NOT to get any water in it whilst using it. Clay and water are mortal enemies, and you will lose the mortal combat to mould and gross stuff.

IMG_1692.jpegThis product works by emulsifying itself when you apply water. You’ll get a nice lather forming on your skin, and your precious skins oils get left behind, while the extra oils bind with the nasties on your skin and water, and down the drain they go! Sure, lots of courses out there try to tell you that you can make an all oil cream cleanser or use the oil cleansing method to get your skin nice and clean… but I never once felt that using those made my skin happy. There was always an excess of oils left behind which just made my skin look worse as the day went on and resulted in oodles of clogged pores. This type of cleanser, never strips your skin, instead, it leaves your natural oils alone, and cleans without harming your skin.

Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 18.16.34.png

  1. Spray all your tools and equipment down with 75% ISP and wipe. Clean your beaker, spoon, stir rod, and even your scale. Turn on your water bath to a barely there simmer.
  2. Weigh out your safflower oil, ewax, castor oil, polysorbate 80 into Beaker A and place into your water bath. Stir. Allow to melt completely.
  3. Using your seive, measure out your Kaolin clay into a separate bowl. Set aside.
  4. Weigh out your lemon seed oil, and essential oils of choice into Beaker B.
  5. Once the contents of Beaker A have melted completely, remove from the water bath, and slowly stir in your sifted kaolin clay and stir. Ensure there are no lumps.
  6. Once all the kaolin clay in mixed in, your oils should be below 40C, add in your chosen essential oils, lemon seed oil, and jojoba beads.
  7. Stir well.
  8. When you see your product thicken slightly, decant into a screw top tub and allow to cool completely before first use.


7 thoughts on “DIY: Face Polish with jojoba beads

Add yours

    1. Yup! Used to do that often in the initial testers, but I generally wouldn’t recommend it due to contamination issues. Clay is notoriously difficult to preserve at home and with the added botanical extracts and with the moisture in a bathroom, I really wouldn’t feel comfortable suggesting a formula with them on the blog.

      That being said, if you make smaller batches there is no reason why you couldn’t use them!


    1. Hello! An welcome to the blog!
      I would suggest Windy Point or New Directions would be your best bet. Both also sell oodles of fun ingredients to play with and both are in Canada!
      You can mix up the essential oils to whatever you’d like! I made another batch using sweet orange essential oils and love it! But I’m a sucker for anything citrus.
      Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi there! This is my first time here. My skin absolutely loves face polishes/ scrubs too. You have such intriguing blog! I’ll definitevly keep an eye on your future projects and maybe check if I can find something small to try without buying anything – just for fun. 🙂


      1. Thanks so much! I need to google the word “whole sale supplier”, haha, it doesn’t say anything to me. I typically purchase from Aromazone, Skinchakra, Soapkitchen or locally from limepop Finland.

        Hey, about your vinegar / bee happy toner I made yesterday – I shared a picture of it on my IG stories. Toner seems promising so far, and I’ll keep you updated how it works for my skin. I love ACV/ vinegar tinctures + B3 in skincare.


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