DIY: Arabian Nights Soap

This is the soap of legends. This is the soap you want to gift to your friends who have never used handmade soap before for they will be converts. Oh yes. They will be! So gift away this Christmas!

DIY: Baby Mama Soap

Looking for the perfect gift for the new mom or baby in your neck of the woods? Look no further than this ultra rich soap made with sensitive skin in mind. Baby, is not included.

DIY: Strawberries n’ Chocolate Soap

Ever wonder about making soap with fresh fruits and vegetables? Learn how to use fresh fruits and veg in your soap making and take your soap to a whole new level!

DIY: Purely Bare Moisturizing Soap

Ready to blow your mind? Coconut and lard soap. Oh yeah. You heard right. Coconut+Lard= OH LA LA! This highly moisturising, oodles of bubbles, never stripping soap is perfect for your dry winter skin needs! Make it now for a long cure! You're welcome!

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