DIY: Rose Milk Hand Soak

I cannot lie. My hands take a beating every single day. From not applying lotion (I know right!?!?!?), to not wearing mitts in the cold wether resulting in crazy crazy dry cracked skin. To plunging my hands into boiling water to wash dishes or to grab a beaker from simmering water whilst making something. I treat my hands pretty badly.

And this means my nails and cuticles also get horribly dry and damaged like there is no tomorrow. I usually just cut off all my cuticles to prevent them from snagging on my clothes. I know. Bad Barb! But I decided that I needed to create something fun to try to help with this part of my body that I don’t tend to very well. And that’s how this series came to pass!

decanting the final product into a vial like container 

This hand soak is pretty gosh darn easy to make. Just mix the ingredients together, stir, decant, and pour when ready!


To those that usually make something or other, this is just a powdered bath bomb with a twist. Bath bombs are just mixing a base with an acid to give us some fizz action, some salt and goats milk for soothing and softening properties, and some dried rose petals for some… well. They look pretty. And I wanted something with a light scent so basically, we are making a fizzy rose milk tea for our hands. All these ingredients I purposefully bought from my local Tesco just so I could honestly say you can buy all these ingredients at your local shop. But! I also found them all at the local Middle Eastern Food Shop so no matter where you live on this oblate spheroid, you should have no problems finding these ingredients. If you live in Antarctica on the other hand, you might run into some problems. And if you live there? Let me know. I’ll visit!

what the final product looks like

Baking soda and citric acid both help to soften up the skin so well that you can take an old soft bristle tooth brush and brush off your dry cracked skin. Hooray! I decided against using anything like fragrances or oils in general in this formula, as I wanted something truly light scented, and for the other products in the hand series do carry some fragrances that I wanted to shine through. You’re more than welcomed to use either! Just remember, altering the formula will result in a different product than the one featured here.

But isn’t that the fun of making your own stuff? The inspiration for a new recipe!

seeing the Rose Milk Hand Soap in action

To use this awesome soak, you can add it to some warm water, toss your hands in and relax for twenty minutes or so. Or, you can go crazy, triple up the formula and make enough for a bath! Or a foot bath. If you decide to decant into a pretty container and gift, I’m sure everyone in your gift circle will thank you!


Are you ready to get your hands in tip top condition? Come fizz with me! And then? Manicure away!

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 07.36.13.png

  1. Prepare your work space by wiping everything down with 75% ISP alcohol; including your equipment and tools.
  2. In a small bowl, weigh in your ingredients and stir well.
  3. Once all your ingredients are combined, decant into your container, cap, and label!


and this is why I made the decision to use rose petals… 



2 thoughts on “DIY: Rose Milk Hand Soak

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  1. Hi Barb! This recipe looks lovely. I will definitely be making this soon, as my hands really need some TLC. Question though; you use goat milk in liquid form or powder form?


    1. Hello!
      I used powdered goats milk. But if all you have is the liquid, just add everything else together, then add maybe a cup of milk to your water.
      Have fun!


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