DIY: The Added Oomph Transitional Serum

It's officially spring time here in Panjin! That means gross ugly and easily changeable weather. Just like your skin. Washing your face these days is worse than gambling! Take out the risk and try a serum!


DIY BONUS: Fun in the Sun Screen

Check it out! Learn how to make your own DIY sunscreen at home! Tag a friend!

DIY: Lavender Fields Soap

Comes frolic with me in the lovely antiquey looking fields of lavender! The very first soap recipe published on the blog! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

DIY: Bubblegum n’ Rainbows Lip Balm

What do you do when you get a new ingredient in your cupboard? I make gifts! Fancy joining me in a fantastic Spring Balm? It's rocking pink!

DIY: Orange Dreamsicles Cleansing Balm

It's a new and improved cleansing balm that you can make in a squeeze tube! No pirates or Irishmen were harmed in the making of this product.

Learning Curves: Buying New Stuff

Ever wonder at some of the thoughts that run through my head about The Move? Here's one for you all about buying my new stash! Maybe it could help you out if you are moving too!

Question: What should be in my first order? Making Soap

Have you been thinking about making your own soap but not 100% sure where to start? Take a gander at this handy soaping shopping list. It's addictive. You've been warned!

DIY: Daytime Blemish Busting Stick

You tried the Nighttime Blemish Busting Stick and you love it. But can't wear it during the day because you look like parts of your face belong to a fake tan. Give sea buckthorn seed oil a try!

DIY: Nighttime Blemish Busting Stick

As I get paler in the dead of winter, I realise I've a lot of scars on my face! The Blemish Busting Stick can double as a spot treatment for acne and help with my scar issues. Multi purpose face treatments. Huzzah!

DIY: The Busy Woman’s Highly Moisturising Mask

Need a mask but don't have the time to sit for twenty minutes then spend all that time washing it off? Try this new hydrating face mask designed for those with very little time! Mask it up and multitask!

DIY: Winter’s Kiss Body Shine

Looking for some added glam before your big night out? But don't want to mess up your signature scent of your DIY lotion? Give this one a try! Very easy and wickedly customisable! Toss it in your purse for an added burst of scent throughout the night!

DIY: Basic Body Butter Bars or BBBB’s

Going back to the basics! Learn how to make a simple Body Butter Balm and an awesome trick to prevent those irritating crystals from forming!

DIY: Better than Lingerie body butter

This body butter is lightweight and leaves your skin ridiculously silky. Need a little mid-winter pick me up? Go on. Give it a peek. You know you want too!

Initial Impressions: Formula Botanica- Diploma in Organic Skincare

Initial Impressions: Formula Botanica's Diploma in Organic Skincare, a review for all those curious about taking this diploma program.

The DIY story of Barb’s Face

Making mistakes is easy. Learning from those mistakes, realising what you believe doesn't work for you at all and learning something new in the process is the fun part of life!

DIY: Cooling and DeCluttering Mask

I was decluttering for the upcoming Move, and came across my extracts shelf and decided to play! Join me in the first of many body masks!

DIY: Mangotastic Hand Butter

Love shea butter based products but not a fan of the grease prints? Give mango butter a chance this holiday season! Such a luxurious butter!

DIY: Lavenaloe Face Bliss

Create your own bliss! Lavender and cranberry oil make for a calming and brightening face lotion. Made with just enough shea butter to say adios to dry winter skin! Give it a whirl! You know you want too!

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