Common Name: Micas, Bio-Glitter 
INCI: anything beginning with CI really

Example from 6AM Helper; CI77891, Mica, CI77492, Rayon, Urea, Styrene/Acylates Copolymer. This has titanium dioxide, a yellow mica, and a bio-glitter. 

Major Properties: Colourants are a result of micas, titanium dioxide and natural colourants (see powders and clays). These provide us with soaps that are visually stunning to the eye. And oh so colourful! 

Seriously important info: Cheeky Bath Treats sources micas from a company (U-MakeItUp) that has never nor will ever obtain stock from child labour mines or that have been tested on animals. CBT wants our products to pop visually and make an impact, both by the way they looks and the way they are made.

Why I picked it: I like pretty things. Don’t you?

Other uses: eyeshadows, lip products, nail polish, body lotion

Substitutions: ummm… no.

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