Common Name: Salt (table, Himalayan, Sea, Dead)
INCI: Sodium Chloride

Major Properties: Salt is fantastic for the skin! It helps to soften the skin and keep your skin happy and healthy. In soaps, it helps to harden the soap up to get it out of the mould easier, and to keep the bar nice and hard.

Seriously Important Info: Be careful about the amount you add into your soaps. Too much salt can cause your soap to become brittle, and also the particle size can play a part in this too. I’m talking crumbly here. Also, the end results can be vastly different if you add salt during the water phase or at trace. If you are planning to use salt in your cosmetic makings, don’t use iodine salts.

Why I picked it: I love salt and sugar in my skin care. I find salt helps to shed the dead skin faster. I do feel there is no real difference between regular salt, and Himalayan, and sea salt. So save your coins and just go for de-ionised salt!

Other uses: scrubs, soaps, toners

Substitutions: another salt, and in some cases sugar could work

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