Question: What does it all mean? Labels and misinformation 

You look at your labels but what does all that jargon really mean? Not much as it turns out. It took me wanting to start a skincare business to begin to scratch the surface of what these catch phrases mean. And they don't mean what we think they do. All my opinions have changed, and will continue to change as I learn more! Which is as it should be.

Question: What’s the differences between MP and CP Soap?

Since we've started this blog, I've posted a fair bit about soap. But, there is a big difference between our two current soap options. CP soap- cold process soap MP soap- melt and pour soap There are other types of soap, but these are the two types we deal with at the moment. CP soap,... Continue Reading →

Question: What do I need to know before I begin on a DIY journey?

A quick note before you continue, I have no professional background in science or chemistry. This post is meant to assist you in being able to make the most informed ingredient decisions you can by looking at the facts. All substances are poisonous; there is none that is not a poison. The right dose differentiates... Continue Reading →

Questions- Soap Questions

I have a mad love affair with soap. It is so addictive! I love the choosing of ingredients, and I love the whole thought process that goes into making them. And then! choosing the additives and extras, and then thinking of the colours, and then the swirls or design! And each and every time I... Continue Reading →

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