2018 in review and 3 things

This past year has been truly an event. A thing that if you were looking in on my life this past year as an outside observer, you’d probably think was just a work of fiction and way too crazy to think it was actually someones real life.

This past year had me moving from the country I had known for almost my entire adult life to a brand spanking new country to start all over again. It began with such hopes and dreams, all bright and shiny, and I watched as it began to tarnish and fade in February and then watched those dreams begin crumble the moment I stepped foot off the plane in Ireland.

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 11.49.16
saying goodbye to some of my munchkins

This past year had a dream of opening my own business, that came to a screeching halt  in July of 2018. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to be responsible for everything, and be expected to do everything, I was going to wait till I was financially stable once again to do so. So stopped working to get the business up and running, and looked into working on getting me sorted out in this new country I was beginning to call home.

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 11.50.05
Baotou, NeiMengguo

It also saw me obtain a new citizenship, and as soon as I had the certificate that I was a brand spanking new Polish Citizen, saw me getting out into the community to volunteer whilst waiting for the rest of my paperwork to come through to begin working. I obtained new citizenship in July, passport at the end of August, bank account in October (now that’s a crazy adventure in itself), was hired in October, and finally began working in November. And will be let go before New Years for it is only a temp job. It felt like such a long time while living through it, but looking back on it, it wasn’t hardly any time at all.

This past year also taught me that I had a lot more friends than I thought I did. It also taught me that I had long overstayed in China. And just knowing that, was both liberating and painful at the same time. China has a way of messing with your head, and not always in a good way.

Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 11.49.26
Shipping off the last of the ingredients and supplies to Shanghai 

2018 has watched me carve out a new life for myself almost entirely on my own. I was given so many promises that I’d have help getting my feet on the ground, things sorted and help getting simple things like a bank account and a government ID card, but saw me like a fish out of water doing it all on my own. A wicked accomplishment for sure, but it was certainly a lonely one.

It was a very hard year for me, but it taught me so many things. And had me see that even though at times when I felt my life was falling to pieces, being forced to go through some horrible and depressing times all on my own, that hard work, a desire to be a product of my own doing, the sheer refusal to allow any other person to be a thorn in my side and diminish who I am, had me rising to find the joy in everything I laid my hands on.

Killaloe, Ireland (no, not “Kill-aloe” but “Killa-lew”)

That just because I’m as stubborn as a mule and refused to let a person break me. I am the maker of my own happiness.

So here are a few three things!

3 things I’m over the moon proud of from 2018:

  1. I did it. Moved, got my paperwork, got a job. Carved out a new life in a new country!
  2. Left China.
  3. Met Marie Rayma from Humblebee&Me!!!!
  4. And I am truly proud of myself that I graduated with distinctions and in the Hall of Fame from Formula Botanica. I know I said three things… but I am proud as punch of this one! Self studying is not easy! Help was always there when I had questions it is truly a wonderful community!

3 of the best lessons I learnt in 2018:

  1. Some people are just unhappy, have no desire to learn, no desire to do or be better, and no drive at all. And are content to just complain bitterly about it rather than grabbing the bull by the dick and bending it to their will. And there is nothing you can do to fundamentally help a person who doesn’t want to be helped. This one is still a work in progress.
  2. We are all victims of our own circumstances. It’s what you do with the knowledge and experience of it that defines you.
  3. You can’t loose interest in something you’ve never shown an interest in.

Five 5 Minute Kitchen DIY Recipes

3 things I wish I did differently:

  1. I wish I got myself situated in my new country of residence before I spent any money on a business.
  2. I wish I listened to everyone (including myself who saw it long ago but believed it would be different once I moved) who told me that things wouldn’t be different in Ireland and it’d just get worse and be worse.
  3. Focused more on me and my concerns, rather than worrying about everyone else.

And now the life stuff is over… on with the awesome DIY stuff!

3 things I made that I’m proud of in 2018:

  1. Christmas Spice Lip Tease
  2. Ocean Waves Soap (ombré waves) (recipe to be posted in January!)
  3. Summer Passions Pumpable Body Lotion

3 new ingredients I wish I knew about earlier:

(I’ve included the links for where I buy them from)

  1. Oat Silk
  2. AHA’s 
  3. Steareth-21IMG_8584

3 ingredients I have rediscovered:

  1. Coconut oil on my hair.
  2. Olivem1000 in a body butter. What an odd sensation!
  3. Lard in soap making. I will toy with other ingredients, but lard is my hero!

3 Ingredients I can’t wait to play more with:

  1. CDB Oil
  2. More “rock your age” (my version of anti-aging ingredients, I received a package from friend filled with them and can’t wait to play!) ingredients.
  3. Hyaluronic acid

3 things I still commercially buy:

  1. Mascara- I am in love with Maybelline Falsies.
  2. Shampoos and Conditioners. I am loving how everything is in English!
  3. Deodorant.

3 upcoming posts I’m excited to share:

  1. An interview with Marie Rayma from Humblebee&Me and LisaLise from LisaLise!
  2. Where are your expectations? (This post I began 2017!)
  3. Liquid body butter!

Top 3 Posts of the past year:

  1. Orange Dreamscicles Cleansing Balm
  2. Better than lingerie body butter
  3. Beginning DIY


And there you have it folks! There were a lot of tears and frustrations whilst writing this, and a lot of painful experiences I’d rather not have had to re-live to get this one out, but, figured that they were part of life’s lessons! So go forth and watch Star Trek or Disney. Both always have a happy ending.

I still can’t get enough of the greenery of Ireland! 

10 thoughts on “2018 in review and 3 things

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  1. Happy New Year :). Hey, the stinks like ass soap is amazing by the way. I finally tried a bar. I used the lard as per your suggestion and also used a cinnamon type fragrance oil. It is lovely! I look forward to making some more of your recipes, I have lots printed in my to make binder 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I KNOW!!!! Ass soap is truly truly a soap from the soaping gods. It is still my number one favourite soap and can’t wait to get my hands on neem to make more.

      I am so happy you are enjoying it!


  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful, honest, ponderous post. You are one of the bravest, strongest people I know. After a total flaming curveball of a year you are still smiling and excited to dive into 2019 (I hope you have a good wetsuit, you’ll need it in Ireland!). Finally meeting you in person was a definite highlight of my 2018 (I’m so glad you were down for the Guinness tour, too!). Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creations (dat body butter lotion thing you gave me—SWOON) and your voice with our growing community ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, had to get some tourism stuff in at some point this past year! LOL!
      Yeah, it was a doozy of a year to be sure! But, if I was getting myself into things, I had to learn to get myself out of those things and still stand on my own two feet. I figured if I could survive sixteen years in China, going through everything here, was a cake walk in comparison. Sort of. Kind of.
      Meeting you was truly a highlight for me! It was great to meet a fellow traveller who enjoyed the walking tour type of travelling! I’ll be posting that body butter recipe very soon! I haven’t been able to keep a pot around long enough for a stability test they kept on being used!


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