Happy Christmas and many happy returns!

Did you know that is the common expression here in Ireland? You say, “Happy Christmas” and the common reply is, “And many happy returns!”. It is so neat to learn about another countries cultures and history.

This will be my final post to you all in the 2018 year. So just wanted to take this time to wish every one of you and your families a Happy and Merry Christmas! And a very huge thank you to all of you who have read, supported, liked, and commented, thank you! To all of you I’ve bounced ideas off of, we’re a source of inspiration, ingredient helpers… another huge thank you! Hopefully your presents will include oodles of beakers, stir rods, crazy new ingredients, and copious amounts of white powders that you remember to label this year.

Regular posting will resume on January 07, 2019 with a wickedly awesome face polish recipe made with jojoba beads! Are you ready? I know I am! So sit back, relax a bit, then get your DIY gear on and we’ll get cooking soon! Until then, enjoy your egg nog, your Christmas Ham, and be festive!


8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas and many happy returns!

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  1. Happy Christmas! My family is English and they all used to say many happy returns for birthdays – but I’ve not heard it said for Christmas!

    Ours is done and dusted now – but you will be still waking up to the day – have a good one!

    Thanks for your bubbly enthusiasm through the year – I’ll look forward to seeing your next post after I’m back from my little late-booked holiday ‘over east’ (of Oz) until 8th Jan.

    Cheers & Happy 2019!

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    1. Wicked! Love the cultural aspect of festive holidays! They make the world so much better. Just got in from a wonderful dinner where I got to eat as many Brussel sprouts as my belly could handle. I am well having a sprout baby!

      I can’t promise the next post will be bubbly… but it’s a brutally honest one!

      I look forward to seeing your pictures on Instagram if you remember to post them of your holiday!

      Oodles of happy thoughts and well wishes to you and your family!

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  2. Merry Christmas, Barb or as I know you, Penny from Marie’s blog. It’s Cristie from over there!
    You’re in Ireland and I’m jealous. What did you do, throw a dart at a map and it landed in Ireland and you said, “ok, Ireland it is!?”
    Nice to see you and I’ll hang out here, too.

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    1. Hello!!!!!!! It’s been ages since I last saw you!
      Yuppers! I’m in Ireland and have been since Very early June. It’s been one wild roller coaster of a year for me, oodles I’ve had to learn on the fly, and oodles of let downs, but I’m still standing!
      How goes everything? Just saw your comment on Marie’s year wrap up post and it sounds like you’ve had an eventful year too!


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