10 Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas of 2018

Well, well, well, what have we here? Santa Claus? Santa Claus! Nope! It’s just me. And hopefully, I’ve got that song stuck in your head too. Huzzah!

This is just a quick recap of various blog posts that are awesome and can be made quite quickly, and easily. You won’t find any soap on this list as you won’t have time to age/cure it properly before Christmas! AND they are in the order that I would personally gift them!

So let’s get this list started!

10.  Winter’s Night Lip Balm

Winter's Night Lip Balm Write

Made with only two ingredients, this thick and tacky lip balm is what every pair of lips crave to be kissable and smooth under that mistletoe this year.

9. Mangotastic Hand ButterMangotastic Hand Butter

Made with a crap load of mango butter, this quick to sink in hand butter will soon be the star of everyone’s purse, and no one will be leaving grease prints on any hot whiskey mug!

8. Dead Sea Salts Hand Scrub Dead Sea Salts Hand SCrub WriteKnow any bakers? Anyone who washes their hands a million times a day? Pair it with some hand butter in a similar container, and you’ve got a set on your hands!

7. Crimson Ribbon Lip Gloss Version 2

This is the oh la la of lip glosses. Get your lips ready to pucker up with oodles of shine!

6. Orange Dreamsicles Cleansing Balm Orange Dreamsciles Write

I’m not one to usually gift face care items, but I found a spectacular secondary use for this stuff. As an oil based shave balm. Rub it between your hands with a wee bit of water and lather up your legs. So if you’ve got any lady friends out there that shave their legs, this would make a wicked stocking stuffer idea!

5. Better than Lingerie Body Butter 

Better then Lingerie Write

This lush and creamy body butter is a wild thing. It looks amazing in any container, you can customise the scent, add a wee hint of razzle dazzle by the way of silver mica and- maybe not. You’ll need to make a batch for yourself and gift the other! Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time sharing this one!

4. Cucumber n’ Oats Plumping Toner Mask

Cucumber n' Oats Plumping Toner Mask

This is still my go to mask. I find it takes a few years off my face and makes my skin feel like I just walked out of a spa. If you know any women this season who needs a little me time and a pick me up, this would make a great side gift to a bottle of wine!

3. Christmas Spice Lip Tease 

Christmas Spice Lip Tease

I have six different coloured tubes of this in my purse at this moment. I did count. And I have about sixty-eight of these made at last count for gifts. This thick, creamy and highly glossy lip balm will have you blushing with all the compliments lavished upon you after the wearer sighs in bliss.

2. Pick Me Up Scent the Spray

Pick Me Up Scent Spray

Oh wow. These are actually pretty reasonably priced to make, and only take a flash to make. These make amazing Stocking Stuffer Gifts! Can make them small, medium, or go big! Easily customisable, and can be used for a multitude of ways!

1. Chocolate Spice Body Butter

Chocolate Spice Body Butter

What’s not to love about sharing? Just make sure to make yourself a new batch too. It’s addicting and amazing and smells like chocolate all on it’s own! If you know a friend who is abstaining from chocolate this season, this is the perfect gift. It’s the chocolate the hips love! Not to mention expectant mothers, tinkerers hands, kids, well, anyone who loves chocolate but just can’t eat it!

There you have it folks! Ten DIY Christmas presents! What are you making this holiday season?

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