DIY: Pick Me Up Scent Balms

And here we go again with another stinky (in a good way) formula! This recipe is a wickedly simple recipe and by rights should have been poured into a chap stick tube… but. Knowing me, and knowing I reach blindly into my purse and pockets to apply lip stuff, I’d be applying this solid perfume and my lips will turn into some sort of mutated thing.

This solid perfume balm, contains three simple base ingredients, and then you can customise it to your hearts content. Go wild! Mix and match your scent! You could add in essential oils or you could use fragrance oils for a longer lasting scent. But, if you want an extraordinary amount of long lasting scent, I would suggest buddying your solid perfume up with a spray, and with a lotion or body butter in the same scent.

after writing this post and making two different scent balms, I found my 7g tins! And had to make more! 

After all, isn’t that way we make things? So we can do things like apply a body butter that is scented in vanilla, then a body spray that is scented with bright and juicy citrus with a wee hint of vanilla, then reapply through the day using the solid perfume to keep that bright juicy citrus fresh in our minds?

Tip: tare your scale with your spoon, this way you can get a more accurate measurement for sticky butters

In this formula, I decided to use the IFRA recommended amounts for a category class 4C which gave me a maximum use rate of 3.33% for Citrus Burst Fragrance Oil from Gracefruit.

Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 17.12.24
technically, this is an oil type product
Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 17.12.49
with a maximum rate of 3.33% in this category 

However; you truly don’t need that much fragrance oil! So I maxed out this recipe at 1%. That will provide you with oodles of fragrance! All the fragrance oils I used in my formula below can be found at Gracefruit. When you go to use your fragrance oils, please be sure to check out the IFRA documents to ensure you are not using more fragrance than you should. Each and every fragrance oil has a different recommended amount, so be sure to check them out!

See! You can get more accurate measurements this way. 

All you do is melt the three main ingredients together, as it cools down you beat it, then add in your fragrances, pour, and let cool. That’s truly it! When you make this, you are going to want to make sure that your oils begin to resolidify only a little before pouring, this is called reaching trace. This will prevent the mango butter from forming those wretched crystals as it solidifies.

I decided to use refined beeswax as if you use “raw” besswax that glorious scent of honey will alter your final products scent. And since this product is all about the scent, I feel refined is the better choice. In my experiments, I found that using beeswax helped the fragrance last longer than using carnauba wax or candelilla wax. I haven’t tested this recipe using cetyl alcohol or stearic acid, so those might be an interesting alternative. Beeswax seems gives the fragrance a good  hold.

Tip: Don’t forget to continue to stir until a good trace is reached to prevent the mango butter from crystallising. 

I then decided on argan oil and mango butter as I like their dry touch finish. This recipe is not to replace your lotion or body butter, it is to be applied on top and only on your pressure points like your inner wrists, neck, and between your boobs. And since you don’t want oil patches to be seen on your skin as you apply it, you want your skin to be scented, without any notice of oils and butters. ‘Cause there is nothing worse than getting oil splotches on your clothes.

Tip: this is the trace that should be reached before pouring, if you need to reheat, do so at short intervals in your hot water bath. 

Unfortunately, I originally poured this into a screw top tin and that presented a few issues for me. I knew it was a mistake early on, so when I found my slid tins I bought specifically for this post, I was elated and had to make then again! So I used the slid tins and a lip chap tube. Don’t forget to label, and don’t mix it up with your other lip balm tubes!

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 17.09.36

  1. Prepare your work space by wiping down all your equipment and tools with ISP 75%. Ensure you have your table surfaces, containers, and spoons all cleaned. Don your safety gear. Pull out all your ingredients and equipment so you are ready.
  2. Weigh out your beeswax, mango butter, and argan oil into a heat resistant measuring cup with a spout. Place it into a double boiler on a barely there simmer and allow to melt.
  3. Once melted, remove from heat, and place on a hot pad.
  4. Stir in your desired fragrance oils (or essential oils), and continue to stir until a light trace is reached.
  5. Decant into your desired container, allow to cool.
  6. Apply to your inner wrists, or anywhere you’d like a burst of scent.
  7. For best results, make a body spray in the same scent.


These make excellent stocking stuffer gifts! They are quick and easy to whip up and everyone will think you spent ages making them!

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  1. Oh yeah! I know my gifts love this kind of thing. I wish they had a more varied scent preference, but of course they all want either Oatmeal, Milk & Honey or Island Escape. Well, at least they are easy to please! With the scents you used in this, I bet it smells really great!

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