DIY: Chocolate Spice Body Butter

Oh yeah. I went there. I so went there. I got the t-shirt, got the amazing skin and I used up my 250g batch so quickly that I had to go back and make more so I could take pictures for the blog. That’s how amazing this stuff is. This tub of gorgeousness has gotten me so many compliments on the scent, and then sure enough I roll up my sleeve to random strangers and say, “smell me! Smell me! I made it!” Thankfully, I no longer reach into my purse and ask, “wanna try?” This emulsified body butter truly makes my morning applying this amazing body butter after my shower. I love the way it skinks in quick, leaves a dry touch finish, and keeps my skin feeling amazing all day and all night. And never ever feels greasy used as a hand butter!

the perfect blend… warm rich chocolate and coffee. Mmmm…. 

And the scent is to die for!

I used my cardamom coffee+ sweet almond oil infusion in this recipe, and combine that with the awesome super scented powers of cocoa butter, you’ve got yourself a tub of olfactory sensation. That is divine! I wonder if a body butter could be a super hero?

preparing the cardamom coffee infused sweet almond oil

Cocoa butter usually has a bad rep from people who haven’t really played with it much, AND from those who just follow the comedogenic scale blindly. Yup. I’m going there today. Basically, the comedogenic scale is all about various cosmetic ingredients (oils, various liquids, and additives) that can cause blocked pores leading to acne and/or blackheads on a scale of 0-5. 0 being the least likely and 5 being the most likely to cause clogged pores. I’ve written about the comedogenic scale a few times and how it really needs to go the way of the rotary phone. For a very rare few people in the world, the scale will be accurate. For the rest of us? Well, it’s not really the best indicator. The only true way to determine what causes you to break out or develop black heads, is to try various ingredients over a prolong period of time. See, cocoa butter for example is about a 4 on the scale whilst shea butter is a 0. So just by looking at these two numbers, it tells you that cocoa butter will cause skin problems, whilst shea won’t.

gratuitous action shot

However; on my skin, shea is more likely to cause clogged pores leading to acne, whilst cocoa butter doesn’t. So what can you take away from this information? If you are new to the world of making your own products, only use the comedogenic scale as an adjustable guideline to begin testing out new ingredients. But once you build up your inventory, branch out and begin playing with various ingredients and seeing exactly what your skin likes. And then try again a few years later as your skin changes with age.

tip: mix your Beaker B ingredients together before you place on your heat source. This will ensure a more even melt.

I wanted this body butter recipe to be a rich powerhouse packed full of skin goodies to help ward off the environmental factors of winter skin. It’s an occlusive emollient, so it acts as a barrier to keep skin soft, and prevents transdermal water loss by helping your skin to stay hydrated, and improve elasticity. And it smells like chocolate! So if you are like me, and adore long super duper hot showers in the winter, and your skin gets itchy and dry in the winter months because of said super duper hot showers, drier air, this stuff is right up your alley. Cocoa butter also helps to reduce the itch factor of stretched skin. And that’s a great thing for pregnant women’s bellies. But. No matter how much you apply, you will still get stretch marks.

The liquid oils I am using in this recipe is cardamom coffee infused sweet almond oil from the post about how to infuse oils. I’ve had a lot of people ask if the benefits of coffee shine through, and the only answer I can give is, I don’t know as I don’t have a lab to test to see how much caffeine if any are in the oils, or if there is any cardamom benefits in the oil. So it is safer to just say, I don’t know.

making an emulsified body butter with cocoa butter will result in a little darker product than you might expect! And, can you tell it is getting cold in Ireland?

The rest of the ingredients are just your normal run of the mill ingredients for making an emulsified body butter. Except… scooch on in a wee bit closer and let me tell you a secret. I added in some silver mica because I wanted to look like a disco ball. And, if you choose to scent your body butter, may I suggest the following? It’s an amazingly scented blend, and smells heavenly in with the warm scent of chocolate. But feel free to use your own blend of fragrance oils or essential oils. Just remember, you’re not going to be able to cover up that chocolately goodness scent of cocoa butter!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.50.09
an amazing blend of Christmassy delights!

Got it? Any questions? Let’s get making!

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 13.44.14.png

  1. Prepare your work space by washing everything down with hot soapy water, then spraying with ISP 75% alcohol and wiping it down with a clean cloth. Remember to get your tools, your beakers, containers, and your work space!
  2. Weigh out your water, glycerin, and panthenol into Beaker A. If you are using powdered panthenol, you can add it to your liquids for their heating phase, but if you are using the liquid, add it at the cool down phase. Record the total weight of Beaker A before placing into your hot water bath so you can adjust if any evaporation occurs. Place into your double boiler on a barely there simmer.
  3. Weigh out your cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and ewax into Beaker B, mix, and place into your double boiler on a barely there simmer and allow to melt.
  4. Once Beaker A and B is ready, add the contents of Beaker B into Beaker A and blend with your immersion mixer to ensure that everything has emulsified. Set aside.
  5. Weigh out the Vitamin E, your preservative, any fragrance oils or essential oils, mica (optional), and add once your mixture is under 40C. Blend well using a spatula.
  6. Allow to cool slightly before decanting into your wide mouth body butter tubs*. Do not put lid on. Cover with a peice of parchment paper, and allow to cool completely before putting the lid on.
  7. Label, take some pictures and share! Perfect for gift giving, stocking stuffers, and teachers!


oh yeah… some of the Stocking Stash Ideas from Cheeky Bath Treats! Coffee Sugar Glow Scrub, Chocolate Spice Body Butter, and Christmas Spice Lip Tease. This feels like a Company’s Coming Recipe Book now.


This is a body butter recipe, it is formulated to be a thick cream. It will not work in a pump and if you put it into a squeeze tube, you will be hurting your hands and wrists trying to get it in. Use a wide mouth container for this product.


take some pictures and remember to share them!

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  1. oooo… I wish the internet had smell-o-vision! That essential oil combination sounds so tasty! I agree 100% with everything you said about the comedogenic scale — rubbish. And about what you said about your skin changing with age! All true! Hooray for this article — thanks — I enjoyed it!

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    1. I’ve the last little batch of it in my work room to photograph all the products together as a gift set as soon as I get my hands on some pine stems and then I am going wild with the last little bit! Wish you lived closer then I could share!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This is an amazing formula, I truly do agree! But there is a better one coming soon! Keep your eyes open! If you have an Instagram, don’t forget to tag me so I can see what you’re making! What scents are you using?


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