DIY: Coffee Sugar Glow Scrub

Ladies, gents… I think I kind of out did myself on this one.

This coffee sugar based scrub came to me after I spied a friend of mine hands. He’s a chef so his hands are constantly being washed, over or near a heat source, and then working with some pretty ripe ingredients. I wanted to make him something nice for Christmas that everyone in his family could make use of, then gush about how awesome this stuff is and guilt him into using it. ‘Cause good luck trying to convince him to using lotion.


This body scrub is another product in the Stocking Stuffer Stash for Christmas 2018! But just because I’ve labeled this as a Christmas gift, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t go amiss as a gift at any point through the year. For hands, for the body, or even for the feet.

my cardamom infused sweet almond oil

This scrub is making use of some of the cardamom infused sweet almond oil which makes this scrub very subtly scented of coffee and cardamom. Yum! And, if you wanted to drop in a few grams of Warm Gingerbread from Gracefruit or another Christmassy type of fragrance oils or a seasonal blend of essential oils… can we just say ooooohhh yeah!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.50.09
a seasonal blend of essential oils that would work amazingly well in this recipe! 
everything mixed in the same heat resistant container waiting for its turn on in the double boiler

Years ago when I first got into making my own skincare, I wanted to make a sugar scrub for I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have whitening properties whilst living in China. And if I was lucky to find something without whitening agents, it wasn’t gritty enough, or it stank something awful. So I did the same thing I think everyone reading this blog has done at some point; I mixed oil and sugar. And then I fell. And was very colourful for many weeks.

Which means I’ve never and will never make that sort of horrible product again. That’s not my version of colourful I like.

mix, mix, mix

Once I discovered emulsifying wax, it was a game changer when it came to making scrubs. See, emulsifying wax takes two ingredients that really don’t like each other; oil  and water and force them to be friendly by cuffing them together. Just like your mama trying to make nice at home by forcing you and your sibling to play together. In the same room. Same same. Well. Sort of. It is a long shot same same though.

So we mix our melted oils and some emulsifying wax, then add in some coffee grinds and sugar, add in some preservative, then scoop some and rub it on our bodies in the shower. Then we let the water from the shower rinse our bodies of all the dirt and grime and excessive oils and watch it all go down the drain.

Buh-bye BO!

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 17.05.04.png
decant and let set, then use away!

And that means you are left with insanely smooth and soft skin. Yes. I did say insanely smooth and soft skin.

I decided to to use more liquid oils in this recipe than usual as the weather is getting cooler so something like coconut oil is now a full time solid oil. So mix the coconut oil with some beeswax, some stearic acid, and some ewax, you’ve got yourself some pretty awesome stiffening power. We’re using the stearic acid in this recipe to help keep the sugar, or salt, or jojoba beads, or coffee (whichever you choose to use) to stay dispersed evenly throughout your product.

So to make this recipe, you just melt all your oils down, mix, add in your sugar and coffee, mix, wait for it to cool down, then add in your preservative and fragrance. Then decant.

IMG_0783 2.jpg
look how thick and lush this scrub is! 

Yeah. I know! No cure time. No waiting months and months for that gorgeous scented heavenly bar of soap to age up a few more months. It’s immediately ready to join you in the shower to scrub yourself up, while ignoring all the knocks on the door attempting to encourage you to hurry cause someone’s gotta go. It’s a brilliant way to exfoliate in style!

So go whip yourself up a tub of this awesome stuff, take a shower, then curl up in your dressing gown with a good book and a fire. And wine. Or tea. And if you decide to leave it on your kitchen counter for public use, it won’t last so make a double or even a triple batch!

Oh yes. I am speaking from experience here. Better yet, why no whip up a tub of this awesomeness, tie a ribbon around it and gift to that special someone this Christmas?

Coffee Sugar Glow Scrub Recipe

  1. Prepare your workspace by wiping everything down with ISP 75%. Wipe down your tools, your heat resistant beakers or measuring cups, stirring tools, spoons and the like.
  2. Into a heat resistant weigh out your oils, ewax, stearic acid, and beeswax and place into a double boiler on a barely there simmer.
  3. Once everything is melted, remove from heat and stir. Add in your coffee and sugar and mix.
  4. Once your scrub is under 40C, feel free to add in your fragrance oils and preservative.
  5. Mix well as your scrub cools, then decant into a 200g wide mouth container and all to cool completely.
  6. Take some pictures and share with me on Instagram!



6 thoughts on “DIY: Coffee Sugar Glow Scrub

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  1. This looks delicious! I have fallen in love with coffee scrubs over the past couple years, the scent is unmatched :] and I agree, using e-wax in scrubs is a total game changer. Never making a scrub without some kind of emulsifier or solubilizer ever again. I never had the slipping issue, but it’s not fun to step out of the shower feeling like a grease-ball.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this recipe- I am looking forward to making it! Are the coffee grinds fresh, unused? Or should the coffee be brewed before using the grinds? Also, what size grinds? Fine, medium, or coarse?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The coffee grinds in almost any DIY recipe should be fresh and dry. These coffee grinds were super fine so I get a little more of a buffing action with this recipe. I usually like my scrubs to be a little more coarse for some rough action. At the end of the day, use whatever size grinds you’d like to use. If you prefer some awesome tingling action, coarse. If you like more of a gentle rub down, fine.

      You are very welcome for this recipe! Looking forward to hearing about how you enjoyed it!


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