Newsletter: November 2018


Good afternoon from a very sunny and surprisingly dry Ireland!

Lots of crazy stuff going on in these parts this past month I tell you! So wanted to take a short blurb of the Newsletter to say thank you to those that came to my aide, rushed to help me out when I was let down once again.  These wonderful people reminded me that friendship is, has been, and will always be a two way street.

I’ve taken on a few different volunteer roles over the past couple of months which have been nicely keeping me busy and helping me reacclimatise myself into a western country in a more professional manner. Let’s just say it truly has been a very interesting and at times highly laughable and an on-going experience. And yes, unfortunately, most of the laughter has been at my expense. But it has taught me some skills that have been laying dormant for countless years, and also taught me that I do need to work on remembering that everyone can understand what I am saying. All the time. No more outtie-dialogues!

The month of October finally has me fully and legally able to work here in Ireland (just happened finally on October 31 actually!!!!). Let me tell you, I am feeling a huge sense of accomplishment at having been forced to do all this work on my own. But let me just say, it was harder to get a bank account in this country than it was to become a Polish Citizen! But it’s done! And I got a job! Had to turn down many job offers before it was all said and done, but it is done! As my one sister put it, I am adulting!

So with all this real- life stuff going on, I truly haven’t sat down and really made much of anything of late. I’ve an amazing bag of goodies arriving on Monday from Lotion Crafters that I can’t wait to dive into and play with!

Be safe and happy making!

B- Black


Fancy stuff I think you might find interesting:

Paraben Persecution and Precautionary Principle by LisaLise from LisaLise’s Natural Skin Care Blog. This post tackles some of the louder fearmongers head on, and leaves you scratching your head!

An Interview with Lab Muffin’s Michelle by Marie Rayma at Humblebee&Me. Marie takes a moment to interview Lab Muffin and share some insights into Lab Mufifn’s brain. Memorable quote, “Pores aren’t doors!”

Natural Beauty Products Aren’t Always As Natural As You Think by Julia Brucculieri at Huff Post. I liked the article until Nneka Leiba from EWG spoke. Otherwise, it is  a really good read! Especially when Perry Romanowski said, “Really, the term ‘natural’ could refer to almost any product.”

This months featured image is from Lansdowne, Limerick. This is The Shannon River. 



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