Newsletter: October 2018

Oh yeah, this past month seemed to have just whizzed by. I have no idea how that happened, I blinked and POOF September was gone. I’m looking back over this past month and it really does seem as if I was in a dream!

This past month I have been hard at work making oodles of products for the Christmas Stocking Stuffer Stash from Cheeky Bath Treats. I’ve also been working on their write ups and scheduling those as well. You might have seen me accidentally hit the publish button a couple times and posts showing up in your inbox. Then you go to click and they are gone! Yeah, that is my fault there! I’m way too excited to share these upcoming posts with you!

My candle making adventure is just not going as well as I hoped. I’ve been playing with a new wax from a new supplier and I think I really should have made some unscented candles first and see how they burn. Oh they smell amazing, have an excellent scent throw, but the wicks just do not like the wax in the container they are in. Oops!

New hobby= lots of mistakes.

With nights getting longer, and tea becoming more and more of a staple during the day, I’m counting the days till the fireplace becomes a more common place event. Until then, there are soups. Tomato, potato, leak, chowders, vegetable… that I get to indulge in on an almost day to day basis. I’ve missed proper soups so much!

For all of you in Ireland on November 5, Marie from HumbleBee & Me will be hosting a meet up for fellow DIY’ers and enjoying some of the lovely pints that Dublin has to offer. So if you are thinking of kicking around Dublin, visit this link for more details!

Until next time!

B- Black

5 thoughts on “Newsletter: October 2018

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  1. Same here, it was a crazy month, just like in and out. Man, life has been moving very fast. I agree with you. Great post BTW. Your new Follower! Stay blessed and stay connected please. Come join a link party I have on my blog to meet other bloggers. Take care.

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  2. I have been liking the soy candles with the flat wooden wicks. They say to soak the wooden wicks in carrier oil before using them. Don’t know if this makes them burn better, or what, but just thought I’d share that. I think the soy wax melts faster and behaves better than beeswax, but it might just be me. Winter will be here before you know it — enjoy the fall! I know I plan to!

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    1. Ohhhh I love the scent of beeswax candles, but they burn wicked hot! I like a blend of soy and parafin wax, the scent throw seems to be a lot nicer than just 100% of one. I was toying with a sturdy pillar wax the other day but… it does not do well unless you have a massive wick! Back to the drawing board to find that one out!

      I don’t really like the wooden wicks to be honest, find that the crackle of them drives me bananas!

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