Newsletter: September 2018

Greetings Folks!

And it is now September! I know exactly how that happened, but more curious to know how the days just seem to whiz by! And this will be my 106th blog post out of 109 published posts here on Scrub Me Down. How neat is that!

The tail end of August saw me in Dublin for my passport application and doing some summer volunteering at The Hunt Museum here in town. I also had the joy of being invited to go on a tour of Saint Mary’s Cathedral here in town. Now, you may not know this about me, but I am a total church lover. I adore old churches and just walking through them to see how they differ, and how they are the same. One of my favourite things to see of late here in Ireland, is just how old feeling these buildings are. Sure, China had its fair share of old buildings and sites, but they have been rebuilt and redone everything so it no longer has that old feeling any longer. Here, it feels, looks, smells, old.

I got to touch wood from the 15th century!

I’m pleased to say that the Christmas themed gift posts have been figured out and the scent profile is divine! It’s a wee bit on the warm spice- wee hint of fruit- side, and whilst you may not be able to fly out to Doha and pick up the same cardamom coffee I will be using, I’ve been able to figure out how to make an essential oil blend to get a similar scent profile. So if you are keen to make some of the DIY gifts I’ll be posting, grab yourself some cardamom essential oil, coffee grinds, sweet orange essential oil, and a vanilla pod. Or, just pick up some Christmas fragrance oils and have a blast!

I’ll begin posting Christmas stuff late October, and then in December, post some last minute DIY gift ideas.

B- Black

Fancy things I’ve been reading from around the internet:

A littler perspective please– by LisaLise over at, a great read about using some common sense in making products, but just a great read about using common sense in general!

Lemon Rose Facial Lotion; by Marie over at HumbleBee&Me, a fantastic hyaluronic acid recipe.

Are we in danger of creating products that do nothing and go nowhere? by Amanda Foxon-Hill a professional Cosmetic Chemist from Australia.

BuzzFeed Animals; True Facts Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals, “Imagine if one lived in your nostril. You’d be the fanciest lad at the party”.  I needed a laugh today, and figured if I needed one, so does everyone else!

Featured Image: Thomond Bridge/ Castle Road, Limerick City, Ireland. Figured I should start telling people where I took the newsletter photos in case anyone wants to know where they are.




7 thoughts on “Newsletter: September 2018

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      1. Hahaha thanks! I’ve been a bit head-down-arse-up over the summer just trying to keep up!! Back to it now though. Definitely making Candy Cane and Warm Gingerbread again, the other two are still not fixed…

        Liked by 1 person

          1. The Candy Cane is divine, and behaves beautifully. The Warm Gingerbread smells stunning but needs careful handling in CP, it’s a bit of a mover…


  1. Wow such beautiful scenery. You must be awe-struck standing there marveling at all the history that must have taken place in those old buildings. Not everyone appreciates that, but I love that you do! And lucky you! Ireland is packed full of that kind of thing! Enjoy, for sure!

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