Olive Oil

Common Name: Olive Oil
INCI: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
Soap INCI: Sodium Olivate

Major Properties:  

Olive oil has been used for countless years as an antioxidant and as a skin softener. It’s moderately high in Vitamin E and K, and loaded with polyphenols, and various fatty acids like; oleic acid, linoleum acid. It is a heavier and slower to absorb oil when used in things like lotions and scrubs.

Seriously Important Info:

A 100% pure bar of olive oil soap (even at 70% olive oil), has gross snot like bubbles. It’s a great ingredient as a filler, but it is a pricey one. These bars of high ratios of olive oil soap take a lot longer to cure before they are mild enough to use. Even at two years, I find they aren’t all that gentle.

Why I picked it:

For two reasons:

  1. it helps make to make the bar of soap nice and hard
  2. it has a number of benefits to help keep the skin happy and healthy.

Other uses: 

Mainly, I just use olive oil in soaps. But, can be used in lotions, scrubs. lip care


Soap: you can substitute some of the olive oil in soap for ingredients like ice bran oil, sweet almond oil and such.

Lotions: I’d just change the formula up to just not include it.

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