Newsletter: August 2018

Good morning folks!

Another month has passed here in Ireland and oodles has been going on! I’ve been soaping up a storm building up some stock and it took a few attempts to figure out how to work with a giant slab mould. Even the tall and skinny mould took a time or two to figure out. Oh, and don’t get me started on that slab cutter. That was a piece of work! But, I feel comfortable saying I figured it out and each batch is looking better and better. I might even get a standard size of soap soon! My favourite soap I’ve made so far is the one made with the Fruity Vanilla fragrance. It’s a very elegant looking soap made with nettle powder and garnished with rose buds. It’s got a wee bit of a speckle thing going on. I’ll share photos soon on Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and I like the one with the Clearly Canadian scent, and the Irish Fields, and the Desire, and the Clear Earth, and the Mango Madness.

Ok. I like almost all of them!!!

I’ve also been working on soap labels, let me tell you, labels are not fun! At all! I’ve enjoyed the placing and the write ups, but move that crazy mouse the barest fraction of what feels like a millimetre, and you’ve increased that one side of the label so it wraps around half the bar. Oops!

The blog is coming along nicely with scheduled posts, I am just beginning to plan out the Christmas series collection. It’s going to be spectacular! I’ve got the recipes for the most part sorted, just need to figure out the scents. I’m kind of keen on orange chocolate, but might go with figs. I’ve got the recipes, just not the scents!

Lately, I’ve been playing with oodles of cosmeceuticals so I can continually add products to the Rock Your Age section of the blog. I’m loving the effects of most of the products I’ve been making. It’s bloody amazing to be able to have access too all sorts of ingredients! And see the results on other peoples faces. I’m enjoying Bayberry Fig Oil, Blueberry Oil, and of course, rice bran oil is still going strong in many of my concoctions!

Annnnd……. on a more personal note, my Polish citizenship came in three days after my birthday this month! I am now a very happy Polish citizen and a very very very bewildered Canadian! Who was living in China and now lived in Ireland! Holy smokes! My life is weird.

B- Black

Interesting things that have come across my work bench:

Is it true that some third degree burn victims won’t feel pain from Quora. This one needs a brief intro, why you need to wear proper gear- especially safety gear whilst soaping.

10 of the Best Haircare Herbs from Formula Botanica

Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry by Susan M. Parker



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