DIY: Cucumber n’ Oats Plumping Toner Mask

This post was written whilst I still lived in China… 

One of the coolest things about living in China, is I learnt about the Korean/Asian Beauty Trend ages ago (I just didn’t know that it was a thing till recently) and thought it was a silly thing. I still think a 10 step night time regime that takes half an hour is silly, but that’s just me. Although, I truly can understand the nighttime routine and how it could be relaxing; I find it hard to fall asleep if I haven’t read something. But, since I’m at that awesome age where advertisers and the media say I should be fighting my age, all I’ve just noticed I experience drier skin faster.  And that means introducing new products and ingredients! I’m so excited about this age thing! New toys for Barb! Huzzah! I get to make new products and try to find ways to introduce them into my routine.

the toner with individually wrapped sheet mask pellets

My current morning routine consists of Orange Dreamsicles Cleansing Balm, a vinegar based toner (recipe to come!), this as a mask or toner, a hyaluronic acid serum (it’s an expensive ingredient so want to see if I notice any difference before I buy the ingredient, trying a new way of doing things since I’ll be moving to a country where I can walk into a Boots and buy something), an Aristoflex- AVC product, and a lotion of some type. So six steps! It used to be three, but I upped it by two this past year and have been on the receiving end of some very nice and smooth and pleasantly plump skin. And then added in the hyaluronic acid serum last week.

I found 10mL was just the right amount to hydrate one of these little pellets. 

This toner mask is part of the Asian beauty trend where it is specifically for women who don’t have a lot of time to mix, blend, and wait for various clays to do their things. This is a type of mask where you drop a Tums sized pellet into a little bowl, squirt some toner into the bowl and go oooooooohhhhhh to watch the pellet explode in size and slap the sheet mask on your face. Wait about five to twenty minutes, or in my case till Derry Girls is over, then remove and follow up with the rest of your routine.

what a sheet mask looks like after it has been hydrated

What I enjoy the most about this toner mask, is your skin always feels like it just came from a spa facial. Granted, leaving it on for over ten minutes makes your skin feel smoother and better than just wiping it with a cotton pad. But. I just don’t have time every day to sit for twenty minutes with a mask on my face no matter how much I might want too.

This recipe is actually ridiculously easy and brilliant. Because my skin is classified as “mature” now (huzzah! Something about me is actually mature!!!!) I need to use ingredients that claim to be anti-inflammatory and anti-red. These types of ingredients are thankfully usually amazing for acne prone skin too. AND to top it all off? These ingredients are just all around great for any type of skin. So teenagers say hello to your new friend!

sheet masks on a flat surface always remind me of a monk fish

Next up on the list of ingredients is some aloe juice which aids in your skins barrier function. Aloe is the golden child when it comes to skin products. You want it in there not just because it’s a common ingredient and because everyone else does it, but because it works. And there is a big noticeable difference when it’s not there. Aloe juice helps with the overall feel of the product on the skin and with helping to even out skin tone as well.

Into the mix, I’ve tossed some liquid silks, and I’ve also used some Multivitamin Complex from Gracefruit. If you are in North America, check out Lotion Crafter’s Vitaplex, they seem to be the same product. My skin loves them!

When I made my Cucumber n’ Oats Plumping Toner Mask, the ph came in at 5.4. And that is perfect!

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 16.23.18.png

  1. Prepare your work space; wipe down all your tools and beakers with 70% ISP rubbing alcohol. Set your kettle on to boil for approximately 10 minutes. Please be sure there is a full tank of water in your kettle before turning it on. Yes, I really did just say that.
  2. Weigh out your cucumber extract, liquid oats, aloe juice, and liquid silk. If you are using silk peptides, please see the next step.
  3. Weigh out your freshly boiled water into a separate measuring cup or beaker. Add in your silk peptides if you are using them (if you are using liquid silk, add it above). Add in your Multivitamin Complex and your Panthenol once your water is below 40C (104F) and mix.
  4. Add your water phase to the rest the recipe and gently mix. Add in your preservative and mix again.
  5. Add the contents of your beaker into a 100mL toner bottle. You should have enough left over to have a mask!
  6. Store in your bathroom cupboard out of direct sunlight or in the fridge to use as a cold mask.
my game face ROCKS! Helpful hint: I take another mask and slap it on my chin and neck. 

2 thoughts on “DIY: Cucumber n’ Oats Plumping Toner Mask

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  1. What is the little pellet thingie? What does it do? Does it oxygenate? I love using Aloe too. It really does work great and it helps lower the pH of whatever you put it into, but not so much so as to be problematic — just enough to bring it to a perfect skin loving pH. 🙂 Lots of lovely things in your toner! Looks wonderful. You could add a hydrosol as part of the water volume and make it smell like cucumbers or some other tasty thing. Lots of possibilities with this recipe. Thanks for sharing.


    1. The pellet thing is a sheet mask. Although now I really want to try a seltzer tablet for something face related. I think it’s be so neat!

      Yup! feel free to switch out the water for a hydrosol and add in some cucumber fragrance oil if you’d like. I honestly feel that it is already loaded up so having the hydrosol would be just way too much.


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