DIY: Tea Wise Moringa Body Mask

This post was written in China… 

Yeah, so I am a spa addict and I’m proud of it. I love nothing more than heading out to the hot springs for the day and becoming a vegetable soaking in the many various hot spring pools. Some are yellow, some are hot pink, some are TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine so stink like ass) filled with herbs whilst others are just thermal water from the bowels of the earth. I also love the fact that I can afford to go to the massage parlour downstairs from my home three times a week. If I wanted too.

IMG_2528I don’t. But I love knowing that I could. I rarely have time for a once a week getaway. I also love the fact that I can create a slew of new products and hit up that very same massage parlour and they will test out my creations and indulge me while I lay there and they play with my face and my products making very crazy comments like, “really, you made this?”

But I hate the fact that going to the the spa and getting a full body mask is ridiculously expensive in any country in the world. Then there is the fact that a full body mask to make only really costs like 25rmb (give or take 5rmb) even with all the stuff I add into it. That is 3.19€. OR 3.94USD. Yeah. I know. Even with all the stuff I toss in it. And we are talking ingredients like French Green clay, kaolin clay, banana extract, cucumber extract, strawberry extract, bamboo, hydrosols, yoghurts, and more. Like lots more. Remember, I’m moving so trying to find ways to use up all these ingredients. And that 25rmb is me being wickedly generous.

So yes, I have been whipping up a body mask almost every week along with an awesome new face mask and playing with them all. Because. I can. And it is fun to be in the bathroom and make old fashioned Hulk like sounds into the mirror growling and watching all the clay in the mirror fall off or crack. Because if you can’t do this in private, where can you be a middle aged woman and growl like the Hulk? Right. On the streets.

IMG_2532So today we are going to be making the Tea Wise Moringa Body Mask. In this body mask we put oodles of skin loving goodies! I added in some Kaolin clay as the base, and some French green clay. Then to give it some stinky factor I added in some moringa powder. Because I got a kilo and need to use it up. And it is good for the skin for it is high in Vitamin A, B, C, D (you can continue singing if you’d like!).  I tossed in some bamboo extract for bamboo is one of the most amazing natural sources of silica. In many circles it helps to ward off the signs of aging and keeps the skin beautiful by keeping it supple and plump looking. Well! I just like how it gets kind of slimy when I add it to things to be honest with you.

Then we are going to be adding in some green tea extract in powder form. Studies have shown that green tea and the skin are a pretty awesome pairing! I like to use green tea as it has been shown to have some anti-inflammatory properties. And as you are coming to see, I’m all about ingredients that are anti inflammatory. My green tea extract is a horrid reddish brown powder and not the lovely green I thought it was going to be. I was crushed when I first opened the package!


IMG_2533I originally got this idea of a full body mask or masque if you want to be fancy, from my Formula Botanica Diploma in Organic Skin Care. The thorn in my bonnet about this Module was they didn’t give you a “guide” on the measurements to tell you approximately how much product you are going to have to make in order to lather yourself up. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb for the face is 1tbsp to 2tbsp of mask for the face and neck. And that is being a wee bit generous. But, your body, is like a bagillion times bigger than your face. How to figure out how much to make? It was doing my head in. When I made my first few batches of body mask, I was fully expecting to stay in China for another year. So I was still rationing out my ingredients and hoarding them.

There were many times when I would go to make a body mask and only get my legs covered. Or my torso and arms. Or my torso, arms, and one leg. It took some time to figure out how much product to make. This one time? I made enough to coat myself in two or more masks I made so much!

ready to paint yourself up??? 

I like a nice thicker mask and not a thinner one. I found for me, approximately 1 cup of base ingredients and 1ish cups of liquid is perfect. If I am using a thinner liquid (like water, tea or coffee) then I bump it up to 1 1/4 cup of base ingredients. If I am using a thicker liquid like yoghurt, or an old lotion that I’m not liking for my face or it’s there and forgotten about because I’ve just made something better, about 1.5 cups of base ingredient to enough lotion or yoghurt I need. Now, because we are working with straight up powders here, I’ve decided to actually just use cup measurements to make this body mask.

growl like there is no tomorrow then you try taking selfies! It’s hilarious fun! 

I know, I know what you are going to say, “But Barb! Everything should be weighed! You said so!” And whilst yes, I agree with you, I’m going to classify this recipe as a beginner recipe or an intro recipe. Someone who just wants to get their toes wet in the DIY world. So, you’ll actually see two recipes below rather than the percentage and gram version as usual. You’ll see the recipe I made on the left filled with all the usual goodies for almost all the hardcore DIY’ers will have these ingredients. And the recipe on the right will be the intro recipe. The recipe that will turn you into a hard core DIY addict.

Shall we begin? This recipe will make enough product for a woman about six foot in height. I’d suggest trying this recipe as is and tweak it the next time around to be more or less depending on what you like. When you go to include your liquids to the powders, you’ll want to include your liquids at about 1 tbsp at a time and stir, otherwise you’ll be adding much to much liquid and you’ll get a thinner mask. And that means, you’ll not look like the Hulk. You’ll like like the Hulk while he is transforming without the flashy lights and CGI to help you out.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.43.01

  1. Brew two cups (500mL) of strong tea. Use four to six tea bags or five tsp of loose leaf green tea. Allow to steep for about ten minutes.
  2. Wear your dust mask while making this mask as you are working with some fine powders.
  3. Into a medium sized bowl, add in all your powders and lightly whisk.
  4. Make a well in the centre of your powders. Slowly begin to add in your liquids.
  5. Gently stir with a spatula, incorperating all the powder. If you want a thinner mask add more liquids at 1 tbsp at a time.
  6. Let your mask stand for about twenty minutes as you get your bathroom ready.
  7. Light some candles, play some music you enjoy (I am partial to soundtracks like: The Road to El Dorado or Rocky Horror myself) and then strip down and paint yourself up.
  8. Let the mask stay on your body for about twenty to thirty minutes.
  9. Jump into the shower, and rinse yourself clean.
  10. Marvel at how your skin looks and feels.
  11. Huzzah! You’re done!



  1. Yes. You can use this mask on your face. Don’t get into your hair. It’s a pain in the backside to get out!
  2. This mask is a one time kind of deal mask, don’t let it sit overnight. Use it all in one go from head to toe.
  3. If you’d like to wrap yourself up in plastic wrap, have fun with a body wrap!





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