Newsletter: June 2018

Hello Everyone FROM IRELAND!

I began writing this update whilst still in China (it’s actually May 11, 2018), but I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts of late so figured I’d make sure that the June Newsletter has been started. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing blog posts, taking pictures, editing, formulating, creating, and more to make sure that the Cheeky Bath Treats blog; Scrub Me Down, will continue to post awesome recipes while I try to get settled and get making in my new home in Ireland. As of today, I am good on blog posts until August 20, 2018, but want to try to get all of August taken care of and maybe a few weeks in September too!

I’m excited! I’ve given myself a wee little budget to buy things like barbary fig oil, acai oil, CQ-10 and much much more! Some really exotic oils to play with… I am so excited! It’s also REALLY refreshing to have to buy everything again. And buy them all in English. I’ll be able to keep my stock room clutter free as I’ve already bought the crazy ingredients we all buy when we start this Black Hole of a hobby. And only buying the ingredients I know I will use not just willy nilly thinking, “oh look! Ucuuba Butter butter is on sale! Let’s get a whole whack of it! And then let it sit there forever because I don’t know what to do with it!” So yeah! I am excited about getting to be sane about what I’m picking up!

waking up and seeing these kinds of sunrises… it’s all new! 

In May, I did “Stinks Like Ass Month” in honour of a good friend of mine who is in love with some of the neem products I’ve gifted her over the years. I made neem soap, neem clay based cleanser and mask, neem toner, neem hydration booster (a light lotion), and a neem blemish wand. Did you make any of them? What did you think?

Ireland is amazing and green! It smells so amazing and fresh! There are Irish Pandas (cows) everywhere, horses and ponies prancing around the front garden. It’s such a lush country and I am looking forward to getting settled here and calling it home! Join me on Instagram and catch some of the awesome greenery I’m looking at! I promise you, no bag birds!

B- Black


Quick reminder:

Be skin safe! Choose your sunscreen wisely! Don’t make it at home. 


Some interesting things I’ve been reading:

How to formulate like a pro, from Making Skincare

Get yourself a little assay…., from Amanda at Realize Beauty




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