Newsletter: May 2018


There has been some major and huge changes here! Let’s rush through them!

  1. Happy Skin is under new ownership and both Scrub Me Down and Cheeky Bath Treats are no longer affiliated with Happy Skin. Which is both exciting and exhilarating and very sad. And my house is now a Happy Skin free zone! There is nothing here that has anything to do with Happy Skin. My apartment is actually a perfect size for one person! Again, Scrub Me Down is part of Cheeky Bath Treats  and not a part of Happy Skin. 
  2. I am working super duper hard- and have the flat ass these days to prove it- on getting all the background work ready to begin making so I can begin selling soon after I have settled into Ireland.
  3. I’m working tirelessly on getting product files created both for the website and for the Portal so products can be legally sold into the EU and UK and also have some customers chuckle when they read the product description. After all, cheeky anyone?
  4.  Oh yeah. You got that right! There will be an website going live either August 1 or September 1 of this year. Exciting! And because it will be an actual website, it will be viewable in China without a VPN. And that means I am working on getting all the type stuff written up for the website team who is designing said website.
  5. I’m finalising my life here in China, and after 16 years, it was quite a life!
  6. Dreaming of what life will be like where I never need to use a VPN again. Or be able to speak freely on any topic and not worry. And wonder what it would be like to be able to walk down the street and not have random cars stalk you the whole way. Or be stared at like a freaky-zoo animal. I mean if you are going to stop and stare or stop and record me and/or treat me like a circus animal, pay me for my time. Otherwise, please ignore me. Oh yes, I actually signed up to a dating site in Ireland, and one of the “questions” they asked was what is your dream. Mine is to be ignored when I am in public. No one staring at me, no stranger walking up to me to tell me I’m fat, no stranger telling me that I’m a woman I should be doing this or that, no one staring at me, no random person walking up to me to grab my boob or my butt curious if they are real, oh my favourite? Not being told daily that I shouldn’t smile so big, or laugh so loud, or show any sort of emotion on my face because if I do everyone will think I belong in a mental hospital. And then when you finally learn how to keep your face impassive, you are told that you need to not look so angry all the time. Yeah. Great. Thanks. Too bad my now resting face annoys so many people.
  7. I’ve been eating a lot more than usual trying to get my fill of the various foods I’ll probably never eat again. China is a very food-centric culture, so food and meals are pretty dang important. Various dishes hold special places in peoples heart culturally, and food is one of those topics that bridge strangers here. You know how we ask about the weather in terms of small talk? Chinese people ask if you have eaten. So that tells you a wee bit!
  8. Packing, purging, reducing. It seems like the bulk of it all is done with and moving right on schedule! Huzzah!
  9. The month of May is, “Stinks Like Ass Month” the whole month long! Where all the posts on the blog will be geared around neem oil. Fitting my last month in China will smell like ass? In honour of stinky tofu lovers everywhere! #stinkytofuIshallmissyou. I’ll really miss real tofu.

So that’s it in a nutshell!

B- Black

Some fantastic things I’ve come across this past month:

Bentonite Clay and DIY Beauty from Marie over at HumbleBee & Me, finally putting a rest to some of the myths in the DIY world about Bentonite Clay.

Are other people’s perfumes a problem? from Colin  over at Colin’s Beauty Pages. Oversimplifying, a fart won’t kill you, but it will still make you gag and make your eyes water if it’s potent enough! Same with fragrances.

The most popular fatty acid profiles in soapmaking by Kenna over at Modern Soapmaking. How does your soap measure up to many others out there?



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