DIY: Bubblegum n’ Rainbows Lip Scrub

This scrub truly does look something a unicorn would poop. But, meh. When you’ve got bubblegum lip flavour? How the heck are you not supposed to have stuff that looks like it came out of the back end of a unicorn? And how do you not relish in the fact that you can actually say this? Not to mention, everywhere you go in the DIY world these days, it’s all about friggen unicorns. Unicorn poop, unicorn farts, unicorn tears…. What is up with unicorns? Why are they everywhere? Anyways….

With Spring according to the lunar calendar already upon us- although looking out the window at that fresh dumping of snow last night makes me wonder about the moon and its level of sanity- you might notice some changes in your skin. Your lips most of all.

IMG_6183You might notice that you’ve got some nasty looking lips even though you usually don’t have a problem. You might notice that no matter how much lip balm you apply, you still have funky rough lips. No matter how much water you apply, the same thing! Or you might just notice that your lips have no big differences and you just really like the thought of applying a lip scrub that is flavoured with bubblegum and rainbows. Either way, you’re in good hands!

This recipe came abouts as I really just wanted to see if it were possible.

IMG_6185We’ve got some shea butter for bulk and to help suspend the sugar particles. Shea butter on the lips provides great moisturising properties. And when you scrubbie scrubbie your lips? You want something that will almost instantly provide your luscious lips with some long lasting pampering. Then call in the coconut oil. It is a soft oil when it comes into contact with the skin, and tastes yummy.

And to round it all up? We need to include some liquid oils here to make sure that if this lip scrub gets cold, it wouldn’t be impossible to get out of the pot! In this recipe I decided on sweet almond oil. I was originally going to use rice bran oil as I’m having a mad and passionate love affair with rice bran oil at the moment, but I really wanted this scrub to be as light coloured as possible and my rice bran oil is a very dark colour. So, sweet almond oil is what I used!

IMG_6196 2And finally, oodles of sugar as the exfoliant ingredient.

This is a really really simple and easy product to make. You can decant it into a small pot and apply with your finger and gently massage into your lips.

To make this, it will require a wee bit of patience. It is truly an easy recipe, just bring your oils and shea butter together in a beaker, melt over your double boiler, and stir. When you melt everything down, you need to stir. And stir. And stir. And then continue to stir whilst the ingredients cool down a little. Then you add in your sugar and stir some more. Then add in your colours and decant!

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.52.42To use any sort of flavouring oil there are a few rules (I think they are wicked obvious, but they do bear repeating) to follow.

  1. ALWAYS consult with your oil supplier the recommended amount to use. Using too much can result in problems like lip burns, and using too little can result in no flavour. My lip flavours are all at 1% for their recommended usage rate. I’ve seen some suppliers go as high as 3%. Always check to be safe and sure.
  2. NEVER intentional “drink” a flavouring oil. These aren’t flavours like for baking.

IMG_6200To use this pot of happy thoughts, you scoop out a wee bit onto your finger, and gently massage into your lips for about a minute or two. Rinse, then apply your lip balm! And then pucker up baby as your lips will be kissably soft! This is gentle enough to use daily, or a couple times a week whatever suits your needs.

One of the things I hate the most about making any kind of sugar scrub, is someway somehow, my kitchen gets sugar EVERYWHERE.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 07.45.17

  1. Prepare your work space; wipe down all your tools and beakers with 70% ISP rubbing alcohol. Set up your double boiler, and set it on a barely there simmer.
  2. Weigh into your beaker or heat resistant measuring cup your shea butter, coconut oil and the remaining sweet almond oil. Place it into your double boiler on a barely there simmer.
  3. Stir gently as your ingredients melt.
  4. Once your ingredients have melted completely, remove from the double boiler and place on a hand towel to insulate it from the cold counter top. Continue stirring and gently add in your sugar. Continue stirring until there is no liquids resting on the top of the product.
  5. Decant into your container and stir, let cool completely then use!
went back to the drawing board for this one… POTS! Not squeezy tubes. 

Originally, I was hoping to decant these into a 15mL squeeze tube. I really did try. But then when I got everything together and into the syringe? The syringe wouldn’t fit into the neck of the squeezey tube. Which really really really sucked! So put it into a syringe with an wee bit smaller neck. I made an amazing really thin lip liquid. Epic failure! LOL! I’m still wiping the scrub off my ceiling!


  • Your lips burn and tingle. Your lip flavour might not be lip safe flavour. Check your supplier and ensure you are using a flavour/cosmetic oil and not a fragrance oil or an essential oil.

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