DIY: Winter’s Kiss Body Shine

Good morning from a very chilly Panjin! Here is another beginner type recipe for you to enjoy. The possibilities of scents you can play with are endless! This came together in less than 7 minutes. And that included gathering all the ingredients, weighing, pouring, mixing, and clean up. These would make fantastic Valentines Day gifts for your kids friends scented in chocolate or strawberry, or a high end lux gift for your best friend scented in their favourite fragrances. They are super easy and wicked cheap to make too!

It’s no secret I like things that shimmer. Most of the body stuff I make for myself has some sort of shimmer in it. So we be making something that you spray on, rub around and leaves you scented, hydrated AND shimmery!

IMG_3739This Body Spray came to me while reading up on various things about glycerine no less. Go figure. Glycerine is actually a by-product of soaping believe it or not! Your glycerine is either derived from plants and/or animals, or synthetic. One of the whackiest things about glycerine in products is that it actually has the ability to carry ingredients like aloe into the skin. Glycerine has been known to accelerate the healing process, it helps to prevent dull flaky skin, helps to soften and lubricate the skin, and hydrates.

But above all, we know that glycerine is a fantastic humectant. It attracts moisture and locks it into the skin. And that’s why we add it to so many things!

IMG_3740Usually, when making a product you’d only add no more than 5% of glycerine to your product to prevent you from feeling tacky and gross. In this product, we want more. So we are going to up this. A lot. Massively a lot. Like, I need to buy another bottle a lot. When we spray ourselves down with this, we want to shine. Like a beacon. Perfect for a date night!

Be sure to mix those fragrance oils and polysorbate together very well! Otherwise your product will separate and you’ll have a layer of oils on top of your product within 24 hours. 

I’m going to use distilled water, but if you wanted to use a hydrosol, it will give you a faint scent and provide some botanical properties to your formula. So something like lavender would be calming, relaxing. Orange blossom hydrosol would help to balance the skin, and helps with redness, rose hydrosol would help to rejuvenate dull and tired skin. Each hydrosol can offer different types of skin properties. OH! Peppermint hydrosol would provide you with some cooling relief after a sunburn, and with the glycerine could help speed up healing. You’ll still have to suffer through the sunburn though. Sorry can’t help you there!


So what’s left? Scent it and preserve it! Right!

So to scent this bottle of shiny stuff, since I’m going to be using this when I go out in the evenings while in Ireland. I want the scent to be exotic, unique and very much Barb. So I’m going to be using a combination of vanilla, benzoin and tangerine. Oh yeah. Honestly, give it a try! I love this scent combo! The tangerine is the fleeting scent for you to personally enjoy, but fades slightly to a warm unique slightly fruity vanilla. I include the benzoin to many of my personal recipes as the middle note where I want the citrus scent to kick around a wee bit longer and it seems to encourage the blending of the top and bottom note a little.

And if you don’t have fragrance oils, don’t worry, you can always use essential oils. Be sure to be aware of any phototoxicity and/or skin sensitizers if you choose to use essential oils.

IMG_3760Mix these oil with some Polysorbate 20 and you’ll have your fragrance oils equally dispersed in your spray without worry of a concentrated spritz of vanilla and then the worry of is that too much fragrance oil on my arm? Is that going to burn me?? ARGH!

When you use Polysorbate in your product, unfortunately, you are going to end up with a white or milky looking liquid rather than a transparent liquid. Which honestly doesn’t matter much unless you have a transparent bottle. If you use a blue spray bottle this doesn’t matter much! I decided to include some silver mica to my spray to give me some added oomph in the shine department and because this bottle of spray would be a milky colour, why not put that milky colour to good use and add in some mica sheen to give the bottle a wintery blizzard type effect? You can add in a bronze or a gold, or some iridescent mica for a really neat look!

Lastly, because this product contains water, you do need to add a broad spectrum  preservative. Today we are using Iscaguard PE from The Soap Kitchen (UK).

You can see the shimmer of the mica before its rubbed into the skin. DO NOT add more mica, you do not want to be looking like a disco ball in a 70’s club!

Once your product is set up, you just spray on top of your lotion or body butter, and rub in. You can re-apply for an added oomph of scent or shimmer throughout the night! Be sure to spritz your shoulders, décolleté, and arms.

A 50mL spray bottle is small enough to travel on the airplane with you, and small enough to just toss in your purse. This product is not intended to be sprayed near the face, so don’t. Spray directly on your skin and NOT on clothes. You can rub this spray into your skin and enjoy the shine left behind!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.05.38 AM

Prepare your work space by wiping everything down with a 10% Bleach solution. Wipe all your equipment, tools, beakers down with isopropyl alcohol. Don’t forget  your scales! I like to use beakers when I make stuff, makes me feel all sciency! If you don’t have beakers, use some Pyrex or heat resistant glass cups.

  1. In a small Beaker or in a shot glass, mix your your fragrance oils or essential oils together. Add in the Polysorbate 20 and mix well. I mean very well. Set aside.
  2. In your 50mL spray bottle, add in your glycerine and water (or hydrosol).
  3. Pour the contents of your Beaker or shot glass into the liquids in your spray bottle.
  4. Cap and shake.
  5. Add your mica to the shot glass and decant a wee bit of your spray and stir. Return to your spray bottle.
  6. Cap and shake.
  7. Add in your preservative, cap and shake and spray away!
This stuff really does pack a punch in the colour and scent department! Layer it up for added oomph in the bronzing department for that, “Oh look at me! I just spent the day in Spain” kind of look. Unfortunately, even with the countless selfies I took trying to show off some Kiss in use, just wasn’t working. So thought of this to show just how much colour you can get with five spritzes.

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