DIY: Cooling and DeCluttering Mask

Well lads and lassies, it’s no secret. I’ve got strange skin. I still get acne, I still get inflamed skin and no matter how hard I work at it, my skin is not perfect.

And that’s ok! Isn’t that the fun part of this dark abyss hobby? Point in fact? I am trying to purge my house, stockroom and life as I am hoping to move before the end of September- not just one city to another in the same country, but moving country! That’s right folks… sixteen years and bye bye China! So I’m trying to declutter.

Slowly, rather than last minute!

Only a few of my stash. 

The other day, one of the boxes of goodies that needed to sorted through was one of my extract boxes. There were and are many benefits to living in China, and one of them, is I can get tons of powdered extracts at a wickedly cheap price! So yeah, I had stocked up like a hoarder. And since they can’t come with me… they have to be used!

Extracts are a great way to incorporate botanicals into our products. My favourite way to use them are in soap (but sometimes you end up with decaying flesh coloured soap affectionately referred to as “Zombie Brain Soap”) and in masks. YAY! Masks! And with the decluttering I need to do, I’m finally pulling out all the ingredients I’ve always wanted to use but kept on a shelf due to how expensive they are, and how I was always saving them for something special.

Not any more!

This mask has all the great stuff! It’s got French green clay, sweet orange zest, cucumber extract, mango extract, hydrolyzed oats AND silk. Coffee! And even some more awesomeness.

IMG_1417I used French Green Clay in this mask as a binding agent. I needed some clay, and I couldn’t find the much cheaper kaolin clay, so when you make yours? Use either or.

Next up, I used one of my favourite mask ingredients; sweet orange zest. I love this stuff! Doesn’t smell much of anything though. So that kind of sucks. I love this stuff as it helps to brighten my face. And with all that Vitamin A (hopefully still) found in the peel, might provide some protection to my skin during these perfect winter days. Many think that they can help prevent breakouts, and I’m in need of that kind of help these days!

Then there is powdered cucumber extract. I am in the middle of a mad love affair with cucumber on my face. I find my skin feels so soft after using anything with cucumbers! Cucumbers on the skin help cool and soften, and rich in some awesome antioxidants, my fingers are crossed that it can help my skin look younger.

IMG_1431Lately, if I’m not using cucumber extract on my face, I’m snorting Mango Fragrance Oil from FNWL. Dear lord that stuff is heaven in a bottle! So because I’ve had mango on the brain, I decided to add in some mango extract. It’s extremely high in Vitamins A, C and Beta Carotene. I added it in because I really wanted too and liked the colour. I found out later that it could help keep my skin young looking (oh la la!).

Hydrolyzed Oats and Silk: I mean why not add them? They are amazing! Oats help provide some cushiony feel to the skin. Silk and oats on the skin work awesomely to retain moisture in the skin. HUZZAH!

IMG_1441Now to make this mask purely awesome, I took a few spoon fulls of Lavenaloe Face Bliss, added in some coffee from my cup and stirred. I got a very nice thick paste, used an old- but clean- makeup brush to apply the mask to my face, neck, shoulders and decollete. I left it on for about twenty minutes then jumped through the shower. IMG_1442

The end result? Awesome feeling skin!

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 7.39.39 PM

Take out a small bowl, and measure out your ingredients. Use a small spoon or a chop stick and stir. Apply to your face, neck, shoulders and decollete. Leave on for about twenty minutes then rinse off.

This makes a lot of mask! Just so you know. If you only want to apply this to just your face, half the whole recipe. Not everyone is trying to declutter their homes!


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    1. MASKS! I’ve been wearing so many masks of late it’s hilarious! I had a mask on every day last week! The strangest combo was mango banana with papaya extract with kaolin clay as the base. It was weird! I’m hoping to try the shavegrass and strawberry seaweed mask in a few days!

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