Newsletter: September 2017

Holy smokes! Another month has passed! It truly feels like just the other day I was sitting down to write up August’s Newsletter. And holy smokes Batman this has been one busy month!

I’ve had oodles and oodles of lessons this month which means The Scrub Me Down Kitchen has been pretty much closed for making any new stock and orders. And that is great, as we are nearing the end of summer and almost all the summer stock is gone! That meant that I got my kitchen back for a while- which was nice, but I was always at the day job so had no time to cook! Which wasn’t so nice.

What’s going on with you all? How have you been enjoying the summer? Did you melt?

What we’ve been working on:

Let’s talk about one of the very important events coming up, Scrub Me Down– Happy Skin’s One Year Anniversary which will be happening October 6. I’ve been hard at work creating a fantastic fantasy speciality line which has been named, “Enchanted Nights”. only ten sets will be for sale, so if you’d like your bath time to be a luxurious feast for the senses you might be very keen on this set! This set has been designed to be a symphony for the skin.

Body Silk- Enchanted Nights .jpg

One lucky winner from the “Refer a Friend to Happy Skin Lucky Draw” will receive one gift set free as their winning prize. This set includes a giant bar of specialty soap, a bottle of pumpable body lotion/butter, a body quench, a fragrant bomb and a surprise gift. All products save the surprise gift are the same scent and it is a perfect scent for a romantic evening out; an exotic mixture of  labdanum, benzoin with a hint of vanilla as the final note. It is stunning. So stay tuned to the blog post next week where we will talk about the Enchanted Nights Line! Take a look see….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve also been wickedly hard at work trying to meet our deadline of September 1, and we met it! It’s pretty neat to watch all that hard work pay off. We are pleased to introduce to you a full, complete and ready- and our first, face line. In this set which is the Citrus Burst Line and includes an exfoliant, a wash, a toner, a hydration booster, day cream, a night cream and a face mask. Yup. A whole proper line. It’s taken almost an entire year to get the line finalised, but it has been about two years in the works. Who knew that labelling would be a pain in the butt, but doable in a day, but choosing a ruddy bottle could take two months?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember how we said that there would be two names picked for the Lucky Draw for the Refer a Friend to Happy Skin? Well, guess what? Some of these fancy new items will be gifted to the other winner of the Lucky Draw. And because we are such wonderful people, who ever wins can choose a selection of items up to 500rmb.

This month will also see us off to the EU for some ingredients, some investigating, some lessons and some product safety assessments. EU has the strictest laws when it comes to selling cosmetics, and those are the standards we want to meet.  So there will be lots of running around. We will still be able to talk to you all, blogs will continue to be posted, WeChat will still be on, we will continue to take your orders if you so choose to place them, but, deliveries will be closed down until we return. Be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook for some antics and some flash sales.

Scrub Me Down- Happy Skin will be closed for deliveries

September 22 until October 19


Some interesting things for to ponder over:

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And this is still one of my abosulte favourite blog posts I’ve ever read:

The Natural Efficacy Fallacy and Natural Shaming by Marie at HumbleBee&Me


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