DIY: Fragrant Bombs

I know. What an original name.

We’ve been thinking of ways to put a bunch of fragrance in a bottle so it is safe to apply to hair and skin without worry of skin safety and spillage. Originally I was thinking about putting it into a roller bottle, but then nixed that idea when I learnt just how messy they kind of are. One of my favourite FUGLY purses suffered the consequences of a roller bottle. And, roller bottles how would I apply that to my hair?

So dropper bottles for the win! And that also means a little more versatility. You can apply it to your hair brush, your comb, a drop in you palm and feel up the ends of your hair. You can add a drop or two to your regular body lotion to enhance the scent, add to the existing scent or apply this neat to your skin. I wouldn’t suggest it on the face as some people find too much fragrance on the face annoying or sensitive to fragrance oils on the face.


I have had a lovely bottle of dimethicone (silicone) that I’ve been jonesing to play with for the past month and I finally gave in and played with it. I’ve needed a new hair balm or oil or hair lotion to help my ends and give my hair some extra TLC as it’s summer, so that means my hair is always up in a ponytail so breakage is more than likely. And since Sonia is learning all about hair balms and various ingredients, I decided to try my hand at a hair oil with my newest ingredient… silicone, as hair is on the mind here in The Scrub Me Down Kitchen.

3And with any new ingredient, you actually have to use it first before you know how your skin and hair reacts to it. I know right? How weird is that concept!

And this recipe is really easy. I picked argan oil and fractionated coconut oil, added in some fragrance oils, poured directly into my dropper bottle, capped, shake shake shake and used. All while my hair was up in a towel. It took about five minutes to gather all the ingredients, weigh, cap and shake. But it took about twenty minutes to get the right picture.

I’ve never really been a fan of argan oil because it is outrageously (albeit well deserved for the price, I am not arguing with that) expensive, so I’ve just been weary of using it based on the price alone. I’m petrified that it would be wasted in any product I made or I wouldn’t like the end product. Then I knew I’d feel guilty about wasting something so expensive so always played it safe and just didn’t play with it. Then, the oil would go rancid then I’d have to throw it out and then I’d feel worse, but then for sure would order it again just in case I’d come across a recipe where I might need it. Then never use it. Toss it. Buy again. And repeat. So this time around I finally decided to use it.

Argan oil is always said to be great for the hair, fast absorbing into the skin, and the United States National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health concludes that argan oil does indeed have antiaging properties and can improve skin elasticity in postmenopausal skin. So my thought rational is, if it is good for postmenopausal skin, it should be good for middle aged skin as well. We’re getting up there in age, our hair is not as strong as it once was so the ends dry and break willy nilly.

6I decided to use fractionated coconut oil as I’ve never used it before on my hair. I’ve used it in soaps, I’ve used it in lotions, but never in hair care. So this being a new new new recipe, why not give it a go go go? Fractionated coconut oil is a liquid coconut oil that won’t solidify when cold. To make fractionated coconut oil, they have removed the long chain triglycerides… so if you are asking if it is natural, in my opinion no. It’s one of those neat natural plus ingredients.

I’ve been using it for a couple days now, and I have to say, I’m quite keen on it. I know right? Argan oil, where have you been? My too stubborn mind refused to play with you for years and I was so missing out!

If you store your argan oil in the fridge, it can solidify slightly and sink to the bottom of your container. Just warm between your hands and shake! You’ll be grand!

So how to use this neat little bottle of pretty? I take one drop, rub between my palms, then feel up the ends of my hair. I sandwich my hair between my hands, and use a back and forth motion while my hands travel down the hair shaft. I take another drop and do the hair around the front/long fringe/bangs as those ends seem to never want to be undamaged. I then give a war cry and attack my hair with my boar bristle brush to help disperse the oil throughout my hair. I also like to add a drop or two to a handful of lotion and give it an extra OOMPH in the smell department. I like lots of citrus smelling goodness on me.

I used fragrance oils to make this as I find most citrus essential oils are like most kids and vegetables. The vegetables seem to be invisible, I’ve watched kids eat egg fried rice and leave the vegetables. Now that takes not only commitment, but talent too! An essential oil like grapefruit can help with shine, but then you have to worry about photosensitivity and did you wash your hands and get it all off? I save myself the worry and just used Ruby Red Grapefruit from NDA. But, you can use any scent you’d like. I cannot wait to try different oils and try out coconut fragrance oil in the cooler weather. Coconuty goodness. Mmmmmm!

Swish your hair around throughout the day and get a whiff of something other than kid farts! Maybe I should have put it like this; swish your hair around throughout the day and catch a whiff of bright, cheery and happy thoughts!

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.47.00 PM


  1. place your new dropper bottle onto your digital scale and tare
  2. measure out your argan oil and your fractionated coconut oil
  3. using a pipet, count out your drops. I found 8 to be not enough grapefruit and ten was plenty. But if I were to use something like coconut, I’d probably only use four or five drops. Do not exceed your fragrance oils useage rating.
  4. cap and shake!
  5. and use! Swish and feel like a hair model.


5 thoughts on “DIY: Fragrant Bombs

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  1. I love Argan oil. It’s one of my favorites. I love to make soap with it. My skin adores it. It is pricier than some oils, but not as much as others, so i usually use it in small projects, or as one of my “bonus” oils.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s one of those oils I have always stayed away from because of the cost. I’m glad I am beginning to play with it! I think if I played with it when I was first starting out I would have been wasting a lot of product. Now? I think I am able to formulate without ruining things!


  2. You talked about silicone in this post. Did you use the silicone in this recipe or just the argan, FCO, and fragrance? That was a bit confusing to me since you started off talking about the silicone first.


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