DIY: Humble Rose Body Quench

After I made the Summer Lovin’ Foot Tingle, I got the bright idea to use it on my arms. You see, I have oily skin and I really don’t need lotion in the summer. But sometimes, parts of my arms and legs get really dry and itchy especially right after a shower. And it’s just maybe a Twonie sized patch of skin that gets dry. But if I apply lotion, it’s just a colossal mess. And gross. And way too much hydration. So I just usually suffer the itchy patches for an hour or two and then I’m fine till my next shower when I begin the whole process again. So one day, after I decided to try one arm with the Summer Lovin’ Foot Tingle and the other arm with some Cucumber Mint Toner and see a) how my skin liked them and b) why hadn’t I thought of this before?

humble-rose-quench-4.jpgAnd that made my mind begin to whirl with a plethora of ideas. Because it was AWESOME! The Foot Tingle was much to minty for my inner elbow, otherwise, both were lovely and my skin felt lovely! Then I began to think, how to “alter” and combine the recipes to make it more suitable for the body and not just for the face and feet? So let’s walk through why I chose the ingredients I did

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.13.31 PM

Witch Hazel: it is an astringent, and it evaporates quickly and because of the fast evaporation thing going on, I used it more of a cooling agent in this recipe.

Aloe Juice: Just because this spray was for the feet doesn’t mean I can’t try to soften my feet even though I know this spray was no where near strong enough to help soften feet! It doesn’t mean I couldn’t try. I do suffer from wishful thinking!

Peppermint Hydrosol: I had it laying around and needed to use it up. I don’t find it has any tingle factor, the scent isn’t that strong either, basically, it is just a filler in this recipe. A somewhat expensive filler though. And it looks really good saying, “Look what I made with peppermint hydrolat!” I don’t mind a wee bit of bragging now and then.

Silk: is a protein that helps to protect the skin by creating a “film” that helps to seal in moisture, but allows the skin to breathe while keeping the junk stuff out.Humble Rose Quench 5.jpg

Glycerine: acts as a humectant by attracting moisture from the air and putting it on your skin. How freaking cool is that?

Hydrolysed oats: They are amazing. They dry to a satiny finish, and help in creating the “film” that protects our skin. And I try to add it into everything as I love them, so in goes the liquid gold.

Polysorbate 20: helps to disperse the small amount of oils added to this recipe and gives the recipe a milky look.

Peppermint Essential Oil: without this essential oil, how else would we get a tingle factor going on?

So basically, this recipe would already be good for the skin as a quencher or a light misting body toner, just change out the peppermint. A Body Milk if you’d like? But why not tweak it to make it a bit better? And with that, I need to ask, what do I want it to do?

  1. I want this to quench the dry patchy skin with a light moisturising finish that penetrates relatively fast
  2. I want this in a spray bottle so needs to remain a liquid
  3. Has to remain a light, non tacky, non gross feeling spray
  4. Has to keep my skin smooth
  5. I thought I had a few more demands but I can’t remember them.

So what do we do?Humble Rose Quench 8.jpg

First thing first. Get rid of the peppermint both the hydrosol and the essential oil. As much as peppermint tingles and clears my head, I want something a little more, fun abd exotic. I’m thinking maybe rose hydrosol? Neroli? Then pair that with some fragrance oils for a delightful smelling body spray. And add it at about 20%. And get rid of the witch hazel.

Second, up the film creators. So up the hydrolysed oat protein to 3%, silk down it to 1% and up the aloe to 20%. These ingredients help to create a protective film on the skin which improves glide, smoothes and keeps moisture where we want it. In the skin.

Third, add in some panthenol. Panthenol behaves as a humectant, an effective emollient, it provides long lasting moisturisation, it helps to sooth the skin, helps the skins barrier function… Does anyone else go all swoony thinking about panthenol? Is it just me? It’s a rock star! We’re going to push the envelope a little bit and up it to 3% as I want to see if using 3% results in a sticky product to be honest. I’ve never used 3%, I’ve maxed it out in the past at 1.5% in various recipes, and since this is a DIY post, I want to learn! We are well within the recommended usage rates which are usually 1-5% (double check with your manufacturer just to be safe). We will also keep the glycerine at 1%. Most humectant ingredients if used in excess will cause your product to feel tacky or sticky once applied. So learning where your comfort zone is for stickiness is important especially if you suffer from dry skin. And that is what I am hoping to accomplish with this today.

Fourth, we are going to get rid of the polysorbate 20 and replace it with some PEG-7 or Olivem 300 (they are the same thing). The PEG-7 will also provide a wee bit of oil based hydration to this recipe and to emulsify the fragrance oils. I wanted a little bit more oomph in the very light hydration department and using PEG-7 can possibly give me that and won’t turn this milky. Although, come to think of it, I think having it look milky white would be an awesome thing for this recipe!

And since preservatives are our friends, leave it at .5-2% depending on your preservative altering the water accordingly. No, you cannot make this without a preservative. IMG_6592.jpg

So what does our new formulation look like?

20% hydrosol

20% aloe juice

3% hydrolysed oat protein

3% panthenol

1% silk peptides

1% glycerine

.5% PEG-7

.5% fragrance oil

.5%-2% preservative of choice

Remainder, distilled water.

That looks like a fairly decent body mist right there, but that is on paper. Now we need to make it to test our theory! It will be a little on the viscous side due to the higher amount of aloe juice, but should still spray no problem from your usual misting bottles. But, it is full of skin yummies that will make your skin happy!

IMG_6600.jpgI’ve decided to use Rose Geranium Hydrosol as it is supposed to help with locking moisture in and name this, “Humble Rose Body Quench”. I’ve always wanted to find a way to thank Marie (my favourite DIY blogger, Marie of HumbleBee&Me,  seriously, she is a rock star in the DIY world and out of hundreds of hundreds of thousands of DIY blogs out there? HumbleBee&Me was the only blog I followed for years until Christmas this past year when I actually had to start following other bloggers) as I’ve spent years following and admiring her work. She is a huge fan of roses, and she posted just the other day a Hydrating Rose Toner recipe which made me chuckle. For while I was uploading photos for this post, saw she had posted a new recipe. And it was the Hydrating Rose Toner! I’ve come to believe she can read our minds. Or maybe, it is we can read her mind? In either case, Marie, thank you!

To scent this recipe, I’ve added some Rose fragrance oil from FNWL and some Moroccan Spice fragrance oil from NDA as I personally find roses on their own overpowering. So whenever I work with rose wax, rose hydrosols, rose fragrance oils etc… I need to blend them. And this spray, comes out beautifully and delightfully exotic. To me it smells like something middle eastern ancient elegance meets Victorian Englandishy rose.  And it is gorgeously scented. What I like the most about this blend of scents, is that after a time the Moroccan Spice calms down leaving you with a very feminine rosy blend. It’s a beautiful and very intoxicating blend and one I need to experiment with more as I am loving the way the rose scent lingers in combination with the spice! Moroccan Tea.jpg

So there you go! My I present to you, “Humble Rose Body Quench“!

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.09.24 AM.png


  1. In a heat resistant glass container (I like beakers or Pyrex measuring cups would work here), weigh out your Heat Phase ingredients. Gently stir with a stir rod or stainless steel spoon. Place the beaker into a double boiler on a barely there simmer and let it sit there for approximately 10-20 minutes
  2. Remove from the double boiler and allow to cool till the temperature is below 40C
  3. Once your temperature is below 40C add in the ingredients from the Cool Down Phase and gently stir well.
  4. Decant into a 100mL spray bottle and enjoy! I decanted mine into two 50mL spray bottles.


  1. If you do not have Rose Fragrance Oil or Scents of Morocco, use no more than .5% fragrance oils of your choice in this recipe. I find the more water in a recipe the more potent the fragrance oil is so less is indeed more.
  2. To be honest, I’d not suggest using essential oils to replace the fragrance oils unless you know what you are doing and how to safely use essential oils. There are a lot of essential oils that can react with the sun and cause you a lot of long lasting skin damage. I have also begun to question a lot of essential oils out there and question their essentialness in products and their overall quality. Simply put, if you know what you are doing, feel free to swap them out. This Body Quench can be made without fragrances or essential oils and still be a fantastic recipe!
  3. Colour of your spray. Our sprays might turn out a different colour as our ingredients are probably not the same colour. My aloe juice is a yellowish-brown colour, my silk is a cream colour that is greeny tinted, these are all ingredients that will play with the colour of your product. Please take that into consideration when you are making this!


Did you make it? What did you think? 

6 thoughts on “DIY: Humble Rose Body Quench

Add yours

  1. Love it! Very creative! I love panthenol too (and niacinamide and allantoin, and and and and….I guess I love everything). 🙂 It sounds like it is going to be a really nice spray that meets all your requirements. Thank you for sharing the recipe!


    1. Me too! Ingredients must be used! And played with. Belinda has been after me to get some NAG to play with. I. Must. Get.

      I’m loving these type of sprays! I am finding it a great way to test out scent blends for other recipes.


  2. I love, love, love the sound of this recipe!! I need to make this STAT!!

    P.S. Um, aren’t you committing blasphemy in the DIY world when you question the essentialness of essential oils?!?! Hahahahaha!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You do! I plan on playing around with the silk amounts, adding some extra oils and you know, play. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to beat this scent. It is fantastic!

      Nope, I am not committing blasphemy. I am committing knowlephemy while holding my spatula in one hand and my pipet in the other. Join me? We can clap clap clap our coconuts as we go.


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