DIY: Summer Lovin’ Minty Lip Butter

Well, I’m tired of pink lips. How about you? I enjoy summer,  but I want to put something on my lips that makes them go va va mint?

I love making soap. I really do. But in the summer when it is so hot and ugly weather going on, making soap is just to hard. I don’t fancy my sweat dripping off my nose into the soap. Yeah, it’s happened before. It’s not pretty. So I end up making small batches of this and that and try out some new recipes, colours in old recipes and give them a go.

2And I love making lip stuff. You get instant gratification (if you think 30 minutes or more is instant), they make neat little gifts, and you can colour them however you’d like!

So back to the pink. I’m tired of pink. I much prefer a deeper shade of red with some sparkles tossed in. So I decided to make it since most lipsticks/glosses/tints here in China I cannot wear. It almost seems like there is orange in the colour and no sparkles.

8The colour is totally optional, this lip butter is fantastic colourless, or you can add in 1/2tsp of of your favourite mica for a light shimmer. Might I suggest forgetting the carmine and just using the gold and pink?

So, I am also tired of thin feeling Lippy’s that are wonderful and beautiful and give your lips lots and lots of shine. I wanted something thicker. I wanted something that was thicker, longer lasting and something that would sink in and provide me with a wee hint of colour.

10Mango butter is lovely as it sinks in pretty quick and is considered to be a dry oil. It has similar properties to shea butter, but, is almost four times the price. I find shea butter leaves my skin feeling greasy and gross. Mango butter on the other hand, sinks in very quick, leaving your skin hydrated and feeling like silk without the grease. And on your lips, it is no different. The mango butter sinks in providing your lips with lots of happy thoughts!

I used cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to help provide glide. Cocoa butter will melt pretty easily against warm skin, and give you a wee bit of shine.

12For an added punch, I decided on adding in some flavourings. Mint and chocolate. I figured with Autumn right around the corner, this Summer Lovin’ Minty Lip Butter can work double time right into winter. YAY! Same with the colourants, you don’t have to add anything. Keeping it plain still gives you a fantastic lip butter!

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 4.33.06 PM

  1. weigh out your cocoa butter, beeswax, mango butter and sweet almond oil into a small heat proof glass. Place the heat proof glass over your double boiler and allow to melt keeping your stove top at a barely there simmer. This will take about ten minutes
  2. once everything is melted, remove from heat stirring with a stir rod or a clean chop stick
  3. add in your colourants and stir well
  4. add in your peppermint essential oil and cocoa absolute
  5. working quickly pour into your prepared lip tubes
  6. if you need to, place your heat proof glass back into the double boiler to melt down the lip butter and then pour again


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