DIY: Summer Lovin’ Foot Tingle

I woke up humming this infernal song. And it would not leave me alone no matter what other things I listened to or did trying to get it out of my head. So. I decided that I needed to create a special DIY Summer Lovin’ Line. Summer Lovin Foot Tingle 8

And to begin our Summer Lovin’, I’m starting at the feet. I’ve always wanted to make a foot spray. I remember the one time as a young teenager I was able to afford The Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot Spray. It was the coolest thing ever! I loved how my tender tootsies tingled like there was no tomorrow. And since I’m basically stuck in the house as it is way too hot outside for any sane and rational human being that doesn’t need to be outside, I spent the day reading yesterday so that means I need to do something productive today!

So this recipe. How does it work?

Quite simple really. We are going to take some minty goodness, mix it with some yummy humectants, add in a wee bit of oils, an emulsifier, preservative and liquids toss them into a spray bottle, shake. Then spray down your tired and overworked tender tootsies! It’s like your own personal foot spa in a bottle!Summer Tingle Foot Tingle 7

This recipe won’t soften your heels, or help with deadish skin buildup, but it will provide that cooling sensation we all know and love and some very minor hydration! I love how one product can be a multipurpose product! And with the added humectants, you’ll find that your skin will be left cool and hydrated!

Summer Lovin Foot Tingle 6I’ve added in an emulsifier as we’ve included some oils in this recipe. The emulsifier helps to keep the peppermint essential oil evenly dispersed in the liquids and without it, you’d be squirting blobs of oils out of your mister. And that is just gross. And massive potential staining going on if you choose to spray your clothes or linens. So, emulse away!

Summer Lovin Foot Tingle 4

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.13.31 PM.png

  1. weigh out your water, aloe, silk and vegetable glycerine into a heat proof glass container and set it into your double boiler on a barely there simmer for about 10-20 minutes
  2. take a shot glass and weigh out your peppermint essential oil and your polysorbate 20 and gently stir, then set aside
  3. take your 100mL spray bottle and weigh out your witch hazel, peppermint hydrosol, and preservative. Cap and shake shake shake.
  4. wait till your water+aloe+silk+vegetable glycerine has cooled to room temperature
  5. decant your peppermint essential oil and polysorbate into the spray bottle
  6. use your cooled down liquid solution to get all the remaining essential oil and polysorbate from the shot glass into the spray bottle before adding the remaining liquids to the spray bottle.
  7. cap and shake
  8. sit down and spray your tender tootsies and calves, put your feet up and relax

Summer Lovin Foot Tingle 13

Summer Lovin Foot Tingle 15.jpg
I’ve got some wicked tan lines going on!





7 thoughts on “DIY: Summer Lovin’ Foot Tingle

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  1. ooohhhh! This sounds wonderful! Now I need to source some peppermint hydrosol so I can try this out! Question – did you use regular store brand witch hazel or the alcohol-free type? And the silk – was it liquid silk or silk amino acids or ??? what type? Thanks for the recipe. I am definitely going to try it once I find some peppermint hydrosol! I will let you know how I liked it (but I am pretty sure I will be in love with it). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fudge. I knew I forgot something.
      1) Silk: silk peptides, but silk amino acids would work too. Does anyone buy the big fluffy whispy silk anymore?
      2) Peppermint Hydrosol: I only added it because I bought it to make toners. Honestly, I was planning on leaving it out of this recipe, nix it and add in 10% more witch hazel or water. If you are wanting a more hydrating spray, up the aloe.
      3) Witch Hazel: If you are using this as a dedicated foot spray, the store bought one with alcohol will work fine. But if you are planning on spraying your face or body, I would suggest alcohol free.
      I really want to know who you enjoy this!!!


      1. I buy the raw fluffy silk to put in my lye water for CP soap and silk amino acids for my lotions and such.

        This recipe sounds so awesome! Love peppermint tingly stuff!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hey! Try your next soap batch without it. Do you notice a difference? On one of the Facebook groups we were talking about it. A bunch of us don’t notice any difference in our lathers with or without silk. But those of use who don’t notice a difference use lots of clay. I wonder… EXPERIMENT TIME!!!


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