DIY: Morning Moringa Magical Mask

When you get to run around looking like Jim Carey in “The Mask”, how can life ever be bad?

It has been so long I cannot even remember where my love affair of the stinky moringa powder came from. But it’s been something I religiously buy and keep a stockpile of for use in masks and in soaps. I used to add some to my smoothies, but found moringa burps were not something I or those around me were comfortable with.

Moringa has been said to help heal blemishes, improve dull skin, even skin tone, fight the signs of aging and bring Santa Claus to your house for tea. There is currently not a lot of studies on moringa, and the studies that have been done appear to have some benefits when taken internally. I know in my own skin care DIY projects, moringa is a star as I find it helps brighten my skin. Look at the breakdown of moringa powder:

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 10.36.56 AM
This nutritional value chart is from

Look at that vitamin C and E count! Not to mention all those minerals? I know the skin doesn’t absorb all that much but there is always a chance it might absorb some of those goodies right? Like magic! It could be magical or it could be magic with strings attached. Who knows! My skin loves it!

img_5902Kaolin clay is a very common clay and is a very gentle clay great for sensitive skin or very oily skin. It gently helps to remove uglies from deep in the skin. It’s a star in many of Scrub Me Down- Happy Skin products!

Making a mask is pretty simple. You take a small bowl, add in your ingredients and stir. I always add my powders first, then my liquids and oils.

So what are you waiting for? Whip this mask up and give it a go!


1 tsp moringa powder
1 tbsp kaolin clay

1/2 tbsp liquid (I like to use coffee, but you can use: various milks, water)
1/4 tsp honey
10 drops moringa oil or another carrier oil of choice

Optional: no more than four drops of your favourite skin essential oil

Mix together, I like a nice thick mask, but if you prefer yours to be thinner, add in 1/4tsp of liquid at a time until you get the consistency you like.

Apply to a freshly washed face, neck and chest area and sit back and relax! Or do the dishes or clean the bathroom, or answer the door. I’d strongly not suggest hanging up your laundry while wearing a mask!

Leave on the face for 15-20 minutes then wash off.  I find it gentle enough to not cause my skin to go into oil overdrive and putting it on in the morning doesn’t cause any issues later on through the day. This is a one time only mask, so please do not put any left overs in your fridge for tomorrow.

But, moringa powder is stinky! You’ve been warned!


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