Teaching Rants- Sonia

Being the boss vs being the teacher. 

Sonia School
My school in Liaoning, China

When I first came to China I really didn’t want to be a teacher let alone owning my own school. But that is exactly what happened.

Having your own school has its advantages and disadvantages like; not enough free time to do the simple things. Simple things like family time, as my children go to school and are only home on the weekends. But unfortunately, the weekends and evenings are the busiest time for an English Training Center like I have.

Recently I have felt the exhaustion of going to work which has included grunting upon entering the school, much to my employees delight. I feel being the boss sucks camel nads and I would much prefer to focus on being a teacher. But when I walk into the classroom it is impossible to feel annoyed. When I see those little brats faces smiling at me, my heart melts and all my negative energy and thoughts are gone.

Those tiny humans (as Barb likes to refer to them) really do brighten up my day.

Sonia Science
How adorable is this Tiny Human?

It is the small things they do that make me feel happy to have my own school. Things like;  smiling at a shoe squeak, being able to sing the song from last month, or simply making an effort in class that day just because they want give a little more makes me want to give a little more too.

Teaching different age group also has its challenges. As Barb likes to call those young teens, “hormonal time bombs”. I teach a wide range of ages; 3-16. I would have to say my favourite ages to teach are the young ones. The Tiny Humans. Every lesson from beginning to end is full of fun, smiles, tears and high energy. And when you work with Tiny Humans? You see more things you shouldn’t but do. We’re talking boogers, hands in pants, hand licking, wall licking, chair licking, hug boarderline hump and lots of snot. So much snot, I hope you were not eating.

Sonia- kids bday
The older ones are always thrilled when someone remembers the little things like a birthday at school. 

The older ones are great too and I am not being sarcastic. But it seems they are at that age where they don’t know how to be a kid. Granted, they were never allowed to be a kid in the first place. They focus from a very young age on school work as Chinese kids are the parents retirement fund which brings so much pressure freshmen into high have grey already.

I wish there was something more that we teachers in China could do to help them.

My older students are pretty easy going and we trade. As Barb say, “I bribe those angels and I’m ok with it”. They focus on their school work which I think is important, but they have no time to learn who they are as a person or learn what they and who they want to be. I think it is important to teach them that there are some people who will listen to them in this world.

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