Social Media and China

As most of you are aware, the plan is to one day have our own little shop where The Scrub Me Down Kitchen never has to close! That’s the dream. Will it happen? Here’s hoping!

Since the future is uncertain, who knows if this little shop will be in China, or in another country. And that means…. a history. On social media.

Do you have any idea how far the world has come in terms of technology since I arrived in China in 2002? Crap, dial up was still considered to be the most amazing thing. I remember a telephone call with the guy from Best Buy in 2005 and I was trying to find an external storage device for my computer, and he assured me I would never never be able to fill up a 1GB hard drive. Laugh with me! I just finished downloading 2.1GB of stuff last night.

And then! The last time I actually really used YouTube, it was legal in China. Same with Facebook. Twitter was never in China. The Great Firewall of China just doesn’t seem to like western social media platforms.

VPN.jpgTo get on any sort of western site, one needs something called a VPN to access it. It allows us to see the internet the same way you do. And honestly? It is a little bit troublesome to get on things like Facebook or Instagram or WordPress when you can’t just click on it, you have to make sure your VPN is working, check to make sure the signal is strong, if not change it…

When I first set up my Facebook account, it was so easy! Now looking at it, it is crazy! There are ads everywhere, something about nothing is trending now, random games popping up, Facebook is always trying to get me to add more friends (I am quite happy with the few I have thank you very much), and their ads while I am trying to look at soap porn (honest to goodness, some people are so talented with their swirling). It’s just such a busy page! And then there is Twitter. Compress your thought into 140 characters or less. And then Instagram, which I think is better than Twitter actually.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to upload to YouTube, we’ve lots of videos we’ve taken of making things! But go figure. They are all upside down, sideways and trying to figure out how to flip them. But for that you need a film editor software and then have to learn how to use that and then then then… trying to figure out the iMovie app and other editors are doing my head in. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to cut a movie to make part in super quite lightning mode, and the rest in normal. Still haven’t figured it out. But at least I know how to add a movie!

Social Media is not easy. The plan was to only have, “word of mouth” advertising for a while here in China. But it turns out, word of mouth advertising is no longer what it once was. Social media has become the word of mouth. So we either learn it, use it and learn to get the techie stuff out of the way fast so we can get on with making stuff, or we fall behind.

Come to think of it, I guess if you never stopped using social media like we did, there would be no problem. So this entire post makes no sense to anyone but us!

4 thoughts on “Social Media and China

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  1. Social media is hard enough work at the best of times, never mind all the extra hoops you currently have to jump through. And I guess it must be a little like living on another planet for years and then having to jump back into it, while most of us in the west have had those same years to slowly learn and adapt to it. Are you on Twitter yet? I’m finding that one the hardest to crack…

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    1. Yes, we are on Twitter, but I’m not much of a fan f it as it seems like Instagram is the more popular one these days. And all the Instagram stuff goes to Twitter.

      The other difficult part will be returning to live in a western country after living here for so long. That’s going to be the biggest challenge!

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